The value of Call Recording adds up

Team Dubber

Team Dubber

18 January 2021

The value of Call Recording adds up

92% of all customer interactions are voice. More than ever with dispersed work environments, those calls and conversations are happening in new locations, and across multiple networks, collaboration platforms and devices. These are the most important conversations happening in a business and when they end critical data, content and value is lost forever.

Dubber automates the process of creating a system of record that shows not only exactly what was said but the sentiment it was conveyed with. Unified Call Recording enables businesses to securely and compliantly capture all their voice data. Voice AI is a powerful tool that enables users to convert conversations into strategic business insights and decisions and empowers businesses to automate high-value process workflows.

ROI can be measured across a range of areas including:

  1. Cost reduction of legacy call recording solutions - Eliminate storage and professional service costs with cloud based call recording.

  2. Reduction in compliance costs and mitigation of risks - Utilise holistic compliance management to cost effectively meet regulatory requirements and avoid costly fines.

  3. Call centre efficiency- Optimise the time, workflows and productivity of call centre staff.

  4. Automate customer satisfaction reporting and improve CX - Reduce customer satisfaction survey costs and automate reporting and workflows.

  5. Automate sales & service admin for productivity gains - Remove manual data entry of call data and time spent on administrative tasks.

  6. Time to remediation of investigations - Quickly and easily manage customer investigations with access to all customer conversations in real-time.

For more information on how your business can benefit from Unified Call Recording take a read of the the whitepaper ‘End not knowing: six strategic and economic benefits of Unified Call Recording and Voice AI



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