Voice recording helps Australian Refrigeration Council understand & improve customer relationships

Team Dubber

Team Dubber

17 October 2021

Voice recording helps Australian Refrigeration Council understand & improve customer relationships

The Australian Refrigeration Council turned to Dubber for better staff training, to monitor the quality of contact centre calls and collect the evidence it needs to deal with abusive calls.


The ARC operates a call centre where employees help tradespeople and other specialists apply for new licences and renew existing licences. It’s the main point of contact for the organisation. 

IT operations manager Andrew Growcott says at first the ARC deployed Dubber call recording in the Melbourne-based call centre. There’s a team of about 18 staff who handle around 1100 calls each week. They wanted recordings to track the quality of customer interactions and also to help deal with abusive calls when they happened.


Why ARC Chose Dubber

Andrew says ARC found Dubber when searching online for call recording systems. He liked the fact that Dubber is an Australian-based business and that the service is available from Telstra and runs on their calling system, Telstra TIPT. He says it was easy to deploy and get started. 

Before it used Dubber, managers were able to listen in on calls for training purposes. If an abusive call came in, they might jump on the line, but often by the time the manager was involved, the caller had calmed down so the conversation was missed. There was no recording or transcription.  

Staff training

Team leaders review calls for staff training purposes. If someone reports an issue, they’ll focus on that call, otherwise they pick calls to review at random. The team leaders will sit with staff members and help train them on how they can handle calls better and how to answer certain questions. 

“It helps us identify who is lacking knowledge in certain areas and needs more training”, Andrew says.

Visibility during COVID lockdown

In normal times they all work in the main building, however during lockdown the people worked from home. Dubber, which works in the cloud and records at the carrier network level, was able to go on recording all incoming calls as normal. That’s not something on-premise recording systems are able to do. This meant team leaders still had access to every call without interruption. 

Dealing with abusive calls

Sometimes the call centre receives abusive calls from customers that might be unhappy with the cost or frustration with the licence process. 

Team leaders use Dubber to review the calls and either coach staff in how to better handle difficult customers or so the manager can follow up with the customer.

Expanded use

Since first deploying Dubber, the ARC has expanded its use and recording now covers almost everyone in the business. 

Andrew says: “We looked at how well recording went in the call centre and decided to expand the recording to everyone in the business. If managers get abusive calls forwarded to them we can now track that whole interaction. Letting everyone record means we can now review the calls and decide how to deal with them.”


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