End not knowing in legal services

Dubber helps legal practices reduce risk and time spent on admin - eliminating errors in communication through 100% visibility into all conversations. Accelerate investigations and eDiscovery - efficiently manage legal hold and conversational archiving.


You’ll do more with Dubber


Youll do more with dubber | Reduce costs
Reduce costs

Move on from legacy call centre software and recording costs - switch to the cloud. Capture and manage all conversations and access more sources from a single window.  

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Boost productivity. Boost record-keeping accuracy

Give time back to your team by eliminating inaccurate and time-wasting manual note-taking. Accurate and automated audio, video and transcribed records of conversations automatically integrated into CRM and client files.

Youll do more with dubber | Healthcare | Improve Record Keeping
Retain & Satisfy

Detect client issues in real-time, monitor the tone and sentiment of every client conversation, including alerts, with Voice AI. Eliminate the use of expensive customer satisfaction surveys.

Youll do more with dubber | Regulatory Compliance | icon
Regulatory compliance

How you record is as vital as what you record. Record and transcribe every client conversation to meet compliance mandates and respond instantly to audits and investigations. AI does the work to quickly surface risks and suspicious behaviours. Essential for RG 271, KYC, AML/CTF, GDPR and more.

Youll do more with dubber | Reduce revenue leakage. Resolve disputes.
Reduce revenue leakage. Resolve disputes.

Fast and easy to search records of calls with clients to quickly resolve disputes and queries related to fees and payments. Reduce liability risks with records of interactions with patients, get alerted when a customer complains.

Youll do more with dubber | Coaching and training
Coaching and training

Motivate, retain and drive employee performance through coaching and training based on actual conversations and transcripts. Discover missed revenue opportunities.

Youll do more with dubber | Accelerate discovery
Rapid eDiscovery

Respond to audit, legal and regulatory requests quickly, easily and accurately. Search across unlimited parameters to retrieve conversations, including metadata and within communications (audio and text within video) and specific risks within those communications.

Everything you need in one solution

Dubber is the first fully integrated and affordable solution.


  1. Inside the world's most popular applications and services - available on over 150 services worldwide - mobile, video, SIP, chat and more.

  2. Unified in the Voice Intelligence Cloud - access and review all your data in one place through the Dubber App and Portal.

  3. Voice to text transcription. Turn every conversation into data and readable transcriptions connected to the audio and video file.

  4. AI-enriched sentiment and tone analysis for instant staff and student insights - categorise calls against seven emotions.

  5. Open API integrates data easily to big data sets and applications. Create and automate workflows.

  6. Compliant capture and data management. Secure data, manage access, set retention periods. Secure and compliant with global privacy and data sovereignty standards.

  7. Advanced and scalable storage. Unlimited retention periods. Legal hold and discovery. Permission-based data sharing, download and export.

  8. Custom notifications alert you to keywords mentioned in a conversation.

  9. Real-time search to access data in seconds versus SQL queries taking hours.

  10. Report out-of-the-box and easily integrate with dashboards.

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Inside more of the world’s leading service providers and solutions

Billions of minutes captured from conversations across 150 services providers and solutions. 


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Let Dubber AI and NLP do the work

Dubber AI comes ready to run with the ability to develop AI training specific to your institution.
  • Industry-leading transcription with auto-language detection

  • AI-enriched sentiment, tone and emotion signals

  • Automate data loss and misuse monitoring - deep learning and ML-based policies that analyse the detection of leakage risks- ideal for customising company-specific policies

  • AI-powered alerts on risks move you beyond random sampling and transcript searches

  • Workflow automation for generating potential best action and processes based on conversational data

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