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4 Things You Might’ve Missed in Dubber in 2021
19 January 2022

1. More Service Providers discover the value in adding data to their voice services

More service providers are adding Dubber to their networks and solutions than ever, with Dubber now on over 160 service provider networks. New partnerships this year include BT and AT&T, two of the largest leading service and solutions providers in the world, in moves that speak to the value of adding Dubber’s unified voice data service across the full suite of service provider endpoints and UC solutions.

“More service providers are driving revenue, retention and differentiation through voice services. Where the dominant revenue stream stemmed from making connections, the future will be based on creating value for themselves and their customers from the content on those connections.” – Russell Evans, Chief Revenue Officer, Dubber.

2. Business productivity in remote-first interactions got a significant boost

While the Dubber feature set continues to evolve to help end-users become more productive, of note this year was our acquisition of meeting force multiplier, Notiv. The AI-driven note-taking and action-item-generating software that sits in on meetings is hyper-focused on making meetings more effective and productive.

2022 will mark the year that Notiv becomes a key offering of service provider networks. Embedded as a service, capturing every conversation, and transforming it into meaningful insights. Note Taking will finally be automated, simple, and affordable. And an incredible source of differentiation for every service provider.

“AI can now touch every endpoint on a network – UC calls, mobile, and video. Every conversation has the potential to be augmented and enriched by AI unlocking insights and providing the data to power workflows and enrich other data sets. For too long conversations have been untapped and isolated to specific applications. By enabling AI to run, as a service, on every conversation service providers and businesses can tap one of the most important data sources in the world.” – Steve Wilson, Chief Technology Officer, Dubber.

3. Major Unified Communications platforms branch into new territory

Call recording was once a feature based on complex integration, high-cost storage, siloed applications, and management overhead. Today it is being delivered as a service at the core of major communications platforms.

Today, Webex Calling and Cisco Unified Communications Manager Cloud (Cisco’s enterprise cloud communications infrastructure solution) customers obtain Dubber basic cloud call recording solution for free – with enriched services available as an upgrade. Critically, this same service surfaces recordings, data, and insights from calls and conversations on other networks, such as mobile, providing customers with a single window into their conversational data, recordings and insights.

“Customers worldwide are responding to increased regulatory and compliance obligations for their businesses. Embedding tools, like Dubber call recording, as a standard service that is available to Webex users will help customers meet those requirements while enabling easy access to powerful advanced voice data services.” – Lorrissa Horton, Vice President and General Manager of Webex Calling and Online.

4. Hybrid-work staples gain a new service to help companies do business more effectively

Cisco Webex, Microsoft Teams and Zoom became dominant parts of every worker’s lives over the past year. And, a key offering from every service provider globally. Call recording as a feature was supplanted by call recording as a service – always on, requiring no management overhead or storage costs, and driving visibility into recordings and data across all services through a single window.

With hybrid work, employees still need to work compliantly, under the umbrella of management-sanctioned Unified Communications and enterprise mobility solutions. The recent fine of $200m metered out to JP Morgan – for violating record-keeping laws for employees using WhatsApp and personal devices for communications – speaks to the necessity of holistic solutions like Dubber for hybrid workplace control and compliance.

With a big 2021, it’s set to be an even bigger 2022 for Dubber, as we continue our mission to help service providers and end-users get the most out of every conversation.

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