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A conversation with CommsDay
05 June 2022
Did you catch Dubber on CommsDay?

Recently, James Slaney, Co-Founder and COO of Dubber, sat down with Grahame Lynch from CommsDay, to chat about the challenges Communication Service Providers are facing and how they are uncovering hidden value on their networks thanks to the power of Dubber.

“Service providers are telling us they have traditional issues such as differentiation. There are growth problems. They’ve got pressures with churn of customers. They’ve had massive investments in 5G and growing those networks and delivering; how can they leverage those investments and dragging the revenue or the benefits of those networks.” – James Slaney, Co-Founder & COO Dubber

Why Service Providers are turning to Dubber to unlock value from network conversations

Against a backdrop of regulatory and supply disruption, changing customer behaviours and tech innovation, service providers are under constant pressure driven by a need to differentiate mobile offerings, shifting value pools and profit erosion, resulting in decreasing returns on invested capital.

Dubber hits that sweet spot for Service Providers globally; as a network-grade service that’s embedded into the network. Dubber addresses traditional telephony, mobile networks, and Unified Communications services, unifying voice data and delivering insights, actions, and meaning from not only singular conversations but within departments, business functions, and the enterprise as a whole. Critically, Dubber network-native services enable service providers to unlock new revenue streams through conversations on their networks.

When, where and how conversations occur has changed

The conversational era is upon us. Gartner estimates that by 2025 – 75% of business conversations will be recorded and analysed for business intelligence and decision making. Covid has accelerated Hybrid work resulting in an explosion of end-points, conversation modalities and the imperative for businesses to digitise.

Despite the changes in where, when, how and on what device or platform conversations happen, the service providers’ network infrastructure underpins it. With the benefit of Dubber, service providers can orchestrate and enable customer, people, revenue, compliance intelligence, and dispute resolution by unifying voice data with AI, all from natively embedded services within the heart of the network. Dubber empowers service providers to position themselves to deliver and capture value answering their need to differentiate, create new value pools and retain customers.

The Dubber difference driving Service Provider differentiation, retention & profit

As a sticky product with cloud-native infrastructure and scalability that can be switched on with a click, over 170 service providers worldwide partner with Dubber to provide value for customers in a network-native, simple to deploy and flexible, innovative service.

The Dubber Difference:

  • Embedded as a service and connected at a network layer – highly resilient and telco-grade platform
  • Deliver differentiated services and accelerate innovation
  • Increased revenue from an in-demand service – Near-instant time to market and revenue-generating from day one – Dubber is highly profitable, margin accretive
  • Increased retention
  • Requires no CAPEX neither for you (the CSP) nor for end-customers
  • No unnecessary cumbersome installations required
  • Intuitive cloud-native, easily accessible and modular
  • Backed by comprehensive support (support, helpdesk, security)
  • Tap into innovative capabilities such as NLP, AI & ML

Speak to us and learn how we enable service providers to unlock the potential in their networks.

Download the whitepaper by leading telecommunications industry analyst firm Cavell Group, to discover the key trends impacting service providers and what every service provider needs to do next.


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