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Easy recording makes light work of call centre training
22 October 2022

Skills trainers know learning by example is an effective and fast way to teach new ideas. One of its strengths is in helping learners understand how to avoid common mistakes.

We learn by example all our lives. As small children we work out general rules by observing good and bad examples in the world around us.

As adults, we sharpen skills or improve techniques by observing best practice.

That was easier when we all worked side-by-side. The Covid pandemic and dealing with remote workforces brings new challenges for trainers.

Learning by example

Now customer service team leaders can use learning by example to train call centre staff.

At Devonport City Council in Tasmania, Customer Services Coordinator Danielle Harvey asks team members to identify calls that she should listen to in order to provide coaching on providing better answers.

The Council uses Dubber’s cloud-based call recording software simplifies capturing calls for training use.

This approach works just as well when teams are dispersed. Because Dubber is cloud-based, it captures calls in a central location where they can be shared with every team member.

Teams or individuals can review earlier calls and identify points where conversations took a turn for the worse.

Likewise, they can review calls, listening and analysing successful conversations. Trainers can build a library of real world best-practice examples.

Identify knowledge gaps

By listening to team members’ calls, trainers can identify knowledge gaps where staff might need extra coaching.

Soma IT,  a managed services provider, uses Dubber to review calls made by staff. COO Aaron Prout says his organisation makes sure team members have a full understanding of the products and services they sell. If not, extra training is given.

They can get a better understanding of how callers respond to scripts or set questions. It may be that these need tweaking to be better understood or to get better answers.

Leaders can identify if team members miss opportunities to upsell. This can involve playing calls back and then reminding team members: “this point in the call would be a good moment to mention X”.

The flip side of this is training team members on what they should not say.

Australia’s anti-hawking legislation means financial services businesses are not allowed to cross sell.

Avoid problems

Reviewing calls means trainers can identify where team members get close to crossing the line. They can coach them on how to avoid problems.

Dubber is ideal for recording calls for training use. It’s cloud based and works at the network level.

That means team leaders can cost-effectively capture all incoming voice communications. It doesn’t matter if they are traditional land-line, VoIP, mobile or via Zoom, Webex or Microsoft Teams, Dubber will get them all. Dubber can also capture calls when team members work from home.

Trainers can instantly replay calls recorded using Dubber anywhere they have a connection. There’s a web portal and a mobile app. Searching for specific calls is simple with a “google-like” search. Calls can be accessed by team member, customer or by using keywords.

Learn More

If you would like to discover how Dubber’s Unified Call Recording and Voice AI can help your call centre training, contact us today.

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