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Exetel partners with Dubber to revolutionise customer experience with unique AI capabilities
17 June 2021

Exetel today announced a game-changing partnership with Dubber, a global leader in Unified Call Recording and Voice Intelligence solutions.

Integrating Dubber’s voice data and artificial intelligence into Banter, its own scalable cloud PBX, unified communications and collaboration platform for business customers, Exetel announced the Australian-first functionality was available as a standard and in-built feature of its VOIP services for business customers. Dubber’s Unified Call Recording will automatically record and transform every conversation on Banter into rich voice data for compliance, customer experience, call sentiment, evidence and performance improvement. Dubber will allow Exetel clients to eliminate the cost, complexity and risk of legacy call recording and unlock the benefits of voice data at scale.

Richard Purdy, Exetel Chief Executive Officer, said he was excited about the potential for business customers. “Bringing the power and intelligence of Dubber’s industry-leading solutions together with Banter’s intuitive and collaborative enterprise platform will drive a step-change in customer service levels not available on any other network in the country.

Steve McGovern, CEO, Dubber, said:

“We are delighted to be working with Exetel to bring the power of Dubber’s unified call recording services to customers on their Banter product suite. Exetel and Dubber share a common view about the importance of cloud-based communications driving the next wave of telecommunications innovation both in Australia and globally. We look forward to working closely with the Exetel team to bring scalable call recording and voice data to their business customers and helping clients to ‘end not knowing,” he said.

Responding last year to a suspected in-office case of COVID-19, the Exetel team deployed its own Banter service, a VOIP service that enabled its team to stand up a remote office and continue to work as if from their desk across fixed, desktop and mobile applications on the same day.

Purdy noted Banter was developed to provide all the functionality its business customers needed into a fully hosted business-grade collaboration platform. “It is fast to install, easy to use, fully flexible and will evolve and grow with a customer’s business. It has been a particularly attractive tool for our customers grappling with the evolving needs of working from home during the COVID period. Integrating Dubber’s Unified Call Recording and Voice Intelligence Solution into Banter takes the offering to another level altogether.”

“Voice sentiment identification is at the cutting edge of complaint resolution and Exetel is proud to partner with Dubber in bringing this service to market. Recording and storing conversations for proactive compliance and dispute resolution, continues to drive the need for voice data and intelligence at scale and Dubber is fast becoming known for its proven leadership in this space,” said Purdy.

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About Dubber:

Dubber is unlocking the potential of voice data from any call or conversation. Dubber is the world’s most scalable Unified Call Recording service and Voice Intelligence Cloud adopted as core network infrastructure by multiple global leading telecommunications carriers in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Dubber allows service providers to offer call recording for compliance, business intelligence, sentiment analysis, AI and more on any phone. Dubber is a disruptive innovator in the multi-billion dollar call recording industry, its Software as a Service offering removes the need for on-premise hardware, applications or costly and limited storage.

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