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First ‘Moment’ for Webex and Promo Launched at Cisco Live
04 June 2023

Dubber, the global leader in network based conversation intelligence and capture, launched last week Dubber “Moments”, a revolutionary AI product designed to redefine what individuals and organisations expect from their communications.

Dubber is the capture capability provided as a standard feature in Cisco Webex Calling and UCMC via the ‘Dubber Go’ feature and the company sees Cisco Live in Las Vegas, as the perfect opportunity to announce the release of the first Dubber Moment – Complaints, supporting Webex and the Cisco collaboration product suite. ‘Moments’ has the potential to revolutionise the user experience and drive tangible accretive benefits for customers and the Cisco sales channel.

Leap forward in AI

Going beyond the words and identifying the context within the conversation, Dubber has advanced AI to deliver actionable insights immediately when activated.

Dubber Moments is a growing family of out of the box capabilities, with the first being the ‘Complaints Moment’, which focuses on improving interactions between a business and its customers. This moment automatically detects a complaint and other relevant intelligence with the call or video so that a user can understand a single complaint, but also correlate across an entire organisation for a much deeper business insight.

With the use case being applicable for all businesses, Dubber has built the functionality to accommodate a light user or somebody looking to drill deeper into the data. As the insights are delivered out of the box, none or minimal training is required to understand the results.

Furthermore, various enhancements have been made to the Dubber AI functionality. Users are no longer required to manually scroll through transcriptions to comprehend the context of a conversation. Instead, we now offer a succinct summary for each conversation. Additionally, conversations are presented in the form of chapters, where the key topics discussed in each chapter are highlighted, enabling users to quickly locate the desired content. Moreover, the sentiment analysis has been improved, facilitating a better understanding of the changes in sentiment throughout the entire conversation.

Available via CCW

This is a first release of its kind that can provide immediate access to insights from the moment it is switched on for any Webex or Cisco collaboration suite solution.

Sellers of these services within the Cisco community can now include a value added solution without adding any deal complexity or risk, with a clear customer benefit that can only help expand an addressable market, drive new deals and expand their value.

Adding Dubber Moments is a seamless and easy upgrade from Dubber Go recording which is embedded in every Webex Calling and UCMC subscription.

The new feature will be available via CCW within the ‘Dubber Premier’ package from today and the soon to be released ‘Dubber Insights’.


Dubber believes that this new functionality can benefit any business. To increase adoption, a range of promotional campaigns are launching today for 3 months to Cisco sellers and partners to help drive uptake and adoption.

If you’re attending Cisco Live, we recommend that you visit the Dubber team to understand how you can provide this new functionality to your customers. Also, please email us at if required.

About Dubber:

Dubber, the global leader in network based conversation intelligence, offers cutting-edge solutions designed to enhance communications for end users and benefit our Communication Service Provider (CSP) partners. Listed on the ASX, the company’s innovative cloud platform connects to over 170+ CSPs, capturing crucial information from voice, video, chat, and SMS data, also known as “Moments.” By harnessing advanced capture and AI technologies, Dubber transforms these moments into valuable business insights, enabling CSPs to differentiate, innovate, and monetise their networks.

For more information, contact:

Dubber Investors and APAC Media
Terry Alberstein
+61 (0) 458 484 921

Dubber Americas and EMEA Media
Jake Galland – Account Manager, TFD,

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