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Four ways resellers can differentiate themselves in every Microsoft Teams deal today.
21 October 2020

With workforces more dispersed than ever before and the number of communication devices and collaboration applications multiplying, customers are demanding solutions that answer their needs for improved visibility and meeting compliance mandates, without the constraints of legacy or app based call recording.

In parallel, resellers and solution providers are looking for new sources of differentiation and value creation opportunities for their clients.Dubber has answered these challenges by launching the first compliant unified call recording solution, with AI-enriched insights and alerts for Microsoft Teams. Dubber is now available to automatically record every conversation on Microsoft Teams, and it’s in the Cloud so it can be turned on with a click.

Here are four ways every partner or reseller can create value for their clients and differentiate themselves using Dubber on Microsoft Teams right now:

  1. Meet compliance and regulatory mandates Dubber provides the secure and compliant capture of voice data from all Microsoft Teams calls that meets strict data and privacy regulations. Customers can comply with Know Your Customer and regulatory requirements through alerts, keyword searches and reporting with easy to access, accurate records of every conversation. Dubber also provides the ability to set retention rules and quickly undertake granular investigations into rogue operators.
  2. Improve customer experience and outcomes Dubber captures 100% of all Microsoft Teams calls giving customers total visibility of customer conversations. Customers can use Dubber’s voice AI to generate deep sentiment analysis, notifications on keywords (such as “cancel account”, or competitors’ names) to reduce churn and improve customer experience and outcomes.
  3. Eliminate cost and complexity of legacy and app-based call recordingDubber lives in the cloud, which means infinite scalability, data sovereignty, and no additional costs – just one flexible and easy to change monthly subscription. Dubber can be switched on and recording instantly. There’s no need to implement costly, time-consuming and complex on-premise hardware.
  4. Increase sales and service productivityBoost sales productivity by eliminating inaccuracy, delays and lost productivity of manual call recording and note taking. Gain real-time access to call content with instant reporting and notifications on key sales indicators (sentiment, tone, keywords, and categories). Easily integrate recordings, transcriptions and insights with Salesforce, dashboards and other applications.

For any Microsoft Teams Partner, Dubber provides an opportunity to help businesses of any size address customer requirements in regulatory compliance and Know Your Customer mandates; document crucial conversations; understand customer satisfaction in real-time; and improve staff productivity.

All this adds-up to increased revenue, retention and value creation opportunities for Microsoft Teams Partners.

The first step to supercharging your Microsoft Teams sales is to join us for a free 60 minute webinar to learn the value of Dubber on Microsoft Teams. You’ll see Dubber in action and how customers are using it today – often to eliminate the costs and risks of alternatives. We’d love you to join us! Be one of the first 50 to register and attend, and win a $50 Visa Gift Card!

Click here for a schedule of dates for each region and registration details. Register Now

If you are a Microsoft Teams customer and would like to add Dubber services to your platform, it’s easy. Get in touch here: or contact your Microsoft Teams Partner for more information.

If you are a Microsoft Teams Partner and would like more information on how Dubber services can help you increase sales and reduce customer churn, visit our link for resellers here:

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