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How AI is unlocking insights in our conversations for new business intelligence
16 November 2021

We’re doing AI on business conversations. But what exactly does that mean? How are we going about it? Most importantly – what do organisations and individuals stand to gain from it?

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What is AI?

“Artificial intelligence leverages computers and machines to mimic the problem-solving and decision-making capabilities of the human mind.” – IBM]

Artificial Intelligence is a bit of a catch-all phrase, covering anything a machine can do that ‘feels’ human, processing data and performing actions that a human would. For example, a machine could scan inbound emails for invoices from valid vendors and pay them, just like an assistant would.

But ‘true’ Artificial Intelligence is something deeper.

And that’s when we tend towards Machine Learning.

“A program or system that builds (trains) a predictive model from input data. The system uses the learned model to make useful predictions from new (never-before-seen) data drawn from the same distribution as the one used to train the model.” – Google

Machine Learning is when machines process great reams of data, becoming able to learn from data points what some human-defined object or concept is – and what it is not.

For example, when you go through ReCaptcha activities, clicking on fire hydrants, it’s to check whether a machine came up with the same answers for the hydrants – a machine that’s currently doing Machine Learning. Down the line, this will be applied in your self-driving car, so that it knows to swerve to avoid said hydrant – giving it ‘intelligence’ that seems human.

Since machines have a far greater collective processing speed than the human collective processing speed, it’s allowing us to classify objects or concepts far more quickly than an office of 100 analysts. This is combined with infinite, non-degradable storage – which far outperforms the capabilities of our human memory.

What does AI have to do with business conversations?

You likely already use Business Intelligence tools in your organisational analytics capacity, perhaps pulling financial information into slick dashboards in Power BI. Augmented Analytics is a step further, beyond statistical analysis to integrated machine-learning capabilities within your analytics processes and apps.

“Augmented analytics uses machine learning to automate data preparation, insight discovery, data science, and machine learning model development and insight sharing for a broad range of business users, operational workers and citizen data scientists.” – Gartner

Augmented analytics, with the help of Natural Language Processing, a form of machine learning, is what Dubber does – for business conversations.

Consider this: What are the ‘things’ in your business conversations that fall down the cracks? Whether it’s just two people on a phone call, or a boardroom full of people, there will be ‘things’ that are missed.

It’s why we take notes. It’s why we replay key conversations over in our heads. It’s why our most important action items come from a stern tone from a stakeholder.

But, as humans, we’re fallible and we fluctuate in effectiveness. And we’re only as useful as the collective on the conversation.

Putting machine learning to work on our conversations allows us to focus on the importnant things.

With a machine on the call, suddenly, these thought and manual process-consumptive tasks are off-loaded to a large degree to a machine brain that’s far faster at processing, and far better at remembering than our own collective intelligence. Dubber Notiv can automatically create action items for us instead of having to scribble them down.

We still need to think on our feet during the conversation, but we now have access to a post-conversational database and insights we may have missed. It’s a more effective, less error-prone memory bank. It can process and recall all the information in a conversation near-perfectly – and it gets better over time, as is the beauty of machine learning capabilities.

And when you start to combine all the conversations across your business? And being able to have a machine dig into combined insights across these conversations? Well, now you are getting to the crux of your biggest people-based business assets, your new and missed opportunities, your unsurfaced areas of improvement.

It’s Conversational Intelligence. And it’s what we do at Dubber.

Speak to one of our experts about your business needs and leveraging Dubber AI to unlock conversational intelligence, or download our whitepaper Unlock intelligence from every conversation with Dubber AI.

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