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How Cisco partners unlock differentiation & revenue with Compliant Video recording on Webex Meetings
18 August 2021

Compliant video recording is now available on Webex Meetings. Simple & easy upgrade for Dubber Go users!
80% of all critical business conversations are voice and video. This is one of the many compelling reasons why Dubber on Webex Meetings is meaningful to new and existing Dubber plus Cisco customers – enabling the capture and unification of voice calling data and video for the first time on Cisco platforms.

Dive deeper into the power of Dubber on Cisco
We’ll be running global webinars over the next couple of weeks, covering all the exciting integration details and much more for partners. To register, simply click here. For more information about Dubber on Webex Meetings, click here.

What does this mean for customers?
Individuals, Businesses, and Government users with regulatory compliance mandates to record and store every voice and video communications can now securely capture all audio calls, one-to-one video conversations and multi-party video conferences with Dubber on Webex Meetings. By simply including the video add-on pack (up to 100GB storage) for just $25 (USD) per user per month on your Dubber solution plan, all video recordings and data are automagically stored, easily searchable and will have the full complement of Dubber services available.

Critically with Dubber on Webex Meetings, compliant recordings are achievable with automated policy-based recording. Ensure proactive compliance and risk visibility with AI-enriched insights, alerts, search and sentiment analysis.

While some UC solutions include call or video recording solutions, they are limited in capturing, authorising, managing, and facilitating compliant call recording. And the costs for storage and lack of any intelligence delivered from the recording limit their use.

For Cisco Webex Meetings customers unifying voice calling and video recordings in the Dubber, Voice Intelligence Cloud unlocks limitless use cases possibilities, especially as demand grows for customer dispute resolution, customer experience, telehealth, HR, remote inspections and customer support based services.

The first six months of video recording on us!
For a limited time, all Webex Meetings Dubber Premier subscription plans will get the video add-on pack free for 6months with every 12-month subscription! Easily capture video recordings and data revealing instant insights, analytics, transcriptions, sentiment and tone analysis, with all Dubber’s platform capabilities unleashed.

And don’t forget, Dubber free and personal call recording is available as an embedded standard feature for Cisco Webex Calling and Cisco Unified Communications Manager Cloud (UCM). Enabling Dubber Go customers simple and easy upgrade to record every call and video across all major cisco platforms. With the expansion of the partnership, Dubber is now the most complete unified conversational recording solution on Cisco.

What does this mean for Cisco Partners?
The expanded Dubber offering for Cisco partners and Dubber resellers affirms Dubber as the most complete recording solution on all major Cisco platforms. In addition to Dubber being the embedded cloud call recording solution for Webex Calling and UCM-Cloud, partners can tap into the rapidly growing demand for hybrid work enabled solutions and voice data intelligence.

“Today’s announcement expands Dubber’s strategic offering on CIsco, video communications and compliant video recording are fundamental to every business in a hybrid work environment,” said Russell Evans, CRO, Dubber. “For Cisco Partners this is an incredible opportunity to increase differentiation and revenue by making the critical shift from selling connections to creating solutions based on the value of the rich content in conversations.”

For Cisco partners and resellers, ordering is simple, Dubber on Webex Meetings is available on CCW, the Cisco AppHub or from Dubber directly.

Chat with us about doing more with every conversation
To chat to a Dubber on Cisco specialist about getting your customer, team or organization set up today, reach out here. Also, make sure to register to become a Dubber on Cisco partner today and get access to partner incentives, market development funds and much more.

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