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Next Telecom: “Dubber means people buy our solution”
16 October 2022

Adam Cleary says Dubber enables them to meet customer demand. The Southern Sales Manager for Next Telecom says: “Having Dubber means people come to us and buy our solution where they want call recording for Microsoft Teams Calling or need it as part of a bigger picture. It’s an untapped space – there aren’t many people out offering a complete Teams package right now; Dubber means we are.”

Next Telecom began working with Dubber when it saw fast rising market demand for cloud-based call recording. The Australia-based provider of wholesale telecommunications products and services sells to clients around the world. Today Next Telecom has operations in Australia and New Zealand and globally via parent company Comms Group.

“A lot of businesses have been moving into direct routing and Microsoft Teams Calling. The trend really accelerated in the last couple of years with the pandemic. Once they’ve migrated across to the platform, they realise they need to add call recording. It may have been something they previously did with on-premise systems, but now realised it was missing”, Cleary says.

He says Next Telecom needed a product to meet growing customer demand: “They need call recording for compliance or employee coaching.”

Dubber gives Next Telecom a way to generate revenue and boost ARPU. Cleary says “We’re seeing approximately a 50% revenue increase per user when we add Dubber to a standard Teams Calling plan”.

Learn how Dubber enables Next Telecom to drive new revenue streams, deliver differentiated solutions and address customer needs.

Also importantly, it means Next Telecom can offer an end-to-end Teams solution. He says: “There are a lot of people offering Teams, but without call recording, it is not complete. With Dubber call recording together with our contact centre solution and analytics solution we can cover 90 per cent of the needs of the market that we deal with.”

This gives Next Telecom an important point of differentiation. Cleary says most of the companies offering Teams Calling can’t offer as much: “We wanted to be able to tell clients that we can do the lot and address all their requirements.”

While Dubber does generate revenue for Next Telecom, it is equally powerful for the way it enables Cleary to win new clients that might otherwise look elsewhere. He says one large client representing a significant amount of business needed cloud call recording as part of the solution and offering Dubber helped him secure the contract.

Cleary says: “We needed a call recording platform that worked with Microsoft Teams and spoke to a few vendors. At first, we ran with a different platform before we were introduced to Dubber but switched quickly mainly because Dubber has a simpler interface, is easier to use and has a more competitive price.”

Now Cleary uses that simplicity as a selling point when he shows Dubber to his clients: “The first time I demoed Dubber was five minutes after someone gave me the login details to a demo portal. I was demoing it for the first time and had no dramas.”

The depth of partnership and local support provided by Dubber is also a huge advantage. It is a genuine partnership that goes beyond product and technical support – Next Telecom can call on the Dubber team to support RFPs as well as larger customer opportunities.

Managed services provider BizPro IT Services is a Next Telecom reseller. Director Jae Atkins says he uses Dubber in the business and uses the experience to help sell it to his small business customers.

He says: “As a managed service provider, we deal with people who are having computer issues and that means they are already frustrated when they call us. We had a few issues where clients were being difficult and getting aggressive. With Dubber call recording I can easily find and listen to a call and coach the staff member on how to handle the incident.”

Atkins says, “Now we’re taking that to our clients. Because Dubber has worked so well for us, we can share our experience to sell more.”

There is a massive migration to cloud-based products, particularly with the growth in hybrid and remote working. He says: “It’s become essential for small to medium businesses to move on-premise solutions into the cloud – and Dubber being a cloud solution is an important selling point.”

Atkins, like Cleary, is drawn to Dubber’s simplicity. He says being able to simplify technology for his customers is a large part of what BizPro does. “The responsibility is on us to make sure we are offering the best vendor solutions. Offering a complete solution gives us the best opportunity with clients. We try to simplify everything for our clients.”

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