AI for Hybrid Work: The New Frontier for Service Providers

Team Dubber

Team Dubber

1 March 2022

AI for Hybrid Work: The New Frontier for Service Providers

Hybrid work is here to stay, and will be the default working model by 2024. 

It’s official, there’s no going back from hybrid work. But are businesses truly ready to run effectively in a hybrid environment? In new research, it’s clear that employees are all for it, but enterprises are accutely aware they don’t yet have the right technology, strategy, and KPIs in place to do it effectively. This is a massive market for service providers to capitalise on - and is just the beginning.

The Future of Work, a new study by Incisiv, conducted in November 2021 on behalf of Dubber and AT&T, surveyed executives across a broad range of industries to uncover insights into the current state of working models, and where businesses will be in 2024.

In Covid-19 recovery, businesses have spoken. Current and future working configurations have significant gaps in employee oversight and talent attraction, revenue leakage, and compliance activities. The only way to resolve these issues is to implement data capture and intelligence across all work communications. This represents a unique opportunity service providers to offer the infrastructure to do exactly this, across the breadth of communications services.

Data capture, aggregation, and analytics across all mobile, UC, video, and chat.

Who else has the capability to offer a unified data capture and analytics solution across mobile, fixed-line, and Unifed Communications services - Webex, Zoom, MS Teams, and more? Service providers must step up to offer enterprises the solutions they need to effectively do business in this new normal.

Unlock new revenue streams by: 

  • Assisting businesses to deploy optimal hybrid work infrastructure and services

  • Rolling out AI/ML solutions for communications platforms and services

Dubber and Notes by Dubber are available for fast deployment across services, embedded in service provider networks. Our cloud-native offerings mean zero CAPEX or product management for you, with sales and service support thanks to our team. Enquire now.

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