Why Enterprises Are Looking to Switch Service Providers in 2022 - And What You Can Do to Stop It

Team Dubber

Team Dubber

2 March 2022

Why Enterprises Are Looking to Switch Service Providers in 2022 - And What You Can Do to Stop It

Post-covid, enterprises are shifting priorities towards digital maturity and rapidly modernising ways of communicating. Band-aid communications solutions companies implemented in 2020 are no longer ‘good enough’. For service providers, this means there are new gains to be had, races to win - and existing customers to cultivate. It’s a cut throat environment out there, when a third of enterprises are considering changing service providers in 2022. Getting ahead requires new strategies. Enabling and innovating in new and evolving communications infrastructure is key to winning the market.

Dubber recently engaged the services of leading communications analyst firm, Cavell Group, to get the finger on the pulse of service provider trends in both 2022 and beyond.

Voice analytics a must-have focus for 2022

Here are the service provider’s must-focus activities for 2022. These represent the shift in enterprise focus to maturing once hastily-deployed hybrid work solutions, post-covid:

  • The value of voice data across unified communications services

  • The role of analytics in enterprise-customer relationship management

  • The need for high-strength security in communications offerings

  • The requirement for integration across services, to propel customer stickiness

The future: unification and VR-anywhere

Where to next? With the Metaverse on the horizon, new security and ransomware threats emerging, and a maturity of digital services, service providers will need to stay on the cutting edge of the communications landscape:

  • Unification of communications channels and their associated data analysis

  • Towards user-preferred methods of interaction

  • Digital ID and secure-by-design practices

  • Augmented and virtual reality communication channels as a new default

It’s time to toe the line of cutting edge tech to win out over the competition. Voice analytics with conversational intelligence by Dubber will set you ahead.


Service Provider Trends Outlook 2022.

Why Enterprises Are Looking to Switch Service Providers in 2022 - And What You Can Do to Stop It. Explore all the findings in Service Provider Trends Outlook 2022. Download it today.

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