10 Things Every Business Needs to Know About the Future of Work

Team Dubber

Team Dubber

3 March 2022

10 Things Every Business Needs to Know About the Future of Work

Dubber and AT&Ts “The Future of Work” study highlighted that while many firms had responded to a shift in working models as needed, this had largely resulted in “band-aid” solutions to enabling hybrid work, with the majority lacking a detailed strategy to support it. 

The resulting length of time working remotely is now driving a cultural and technology reset in business - to which AI and ML will be critical in delivering advanced functionality to drive innovation and collaboration.

  1. Hybrid work the default by 2024: Half of work performed offsite: 81% believe hybrid work will be the foremost working model by 2024, with 56% of work done offsite.

  2. Oversight of employees challenged: C-level executives ranked employee oversight, losing institutional/tribal knowledge and sustaining culture as the primary challenges. 

  3. Clear gap between C-suite and operational executives: Operational executives ranked onboarding, the lack of a comprehensive strategy, and technological debt as more significant than C-level executives.

  4. Tension between what employees want and what organizations prefer: 86% believe their employees prefer a hybrid work model but 64% believe their organization prefers an on-premise work model.

  5. Hybrid working strategy and policies are critical to talent attraction: 100% believe a hybrid work model will help attract young talent. 97% believe a hybrid work model will help attract new talent.

  6. Hybrid work to advance diversity: 91% believe a hybrid work model will improve workforce diversity.

  7. Cultural shift required: 58% believe they don't have the culture to sustain a hybrid work model.

  8. Hybrid working is impacting innovation and collaboration: Hybrid working seen as effective in driving productivity - 79% but not supporting innovation - 45% and impacting collaboration - 54%.

  9. Conversational AI will make a difference: 71% believe that AI and ML in conversational help will have an important business impact.

  10. AI & ML in conversational insights is transforming work: With the tech having a high impact on Employee Productivity, Customer Intelligence, Attracting New Talent, Revenue Leakage, Call Center Intelligence, and Retaining Talent.

Download the Future of Work report here.

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