Cover-More remains on top of compliance with Dubber

Team Dubber

Team Dubber

19 July 2022

Cover-More remains on top of compliance with Dubber

Claims specialists working for global travel insurance assistance provider Cover-More Group, in Australia, use Dubber call recording for auditing, compliance and legal purposes. 

Cover-More provides medical and risk management assistance to people travelling for business and pleasure. It has offices in 15 countries and is part of the Zurich Insurance Group. The business deals with millions of customers every year. 

Peter Valdes, who leads Cover-More’s global telephony and unified communications team, says Dubber call recording is available on demand to every member of staff. The company uses it to record all non-contact centre calls across the business. The main user is the Claims Team: people working in that team have it switched on permanently. 

He says Cover-More had previously used on-premise-based call recording but when the business moved to Cisco Webex it wanted to give the Claims Team its own call recording system. Kytec, Cover-More’s integration partner, recommended Dubber because of its ability to integrate smoothly with Webex. 

While the Claims Team is based in Brisbane, having call recording in the cloud means team members could work from home or from the Sydney office. 

“The Claims Team records all calls,” Peter says. “This protects the customer as well as ourselves. That way any information we get over the phone can be relied upon if there is a dispute or if incorrect information is provided.”

“The team leaders use call recording to listen to any call that a staff member flags as concerning or suspicious. If we deny a claim because of inconsistent statements, we may need to rely on the recording as evidence of this if the customer disputes our decision. 

“We also provide transcripts for any call when it is requested.”

Cover-More is a complex business, Peter says.

“We have two main business units: travel insurance and medical assistance. Thousands of calls come into our contact centre each day.” 

The details of all the customer calls are input to Cover-More’s CRM system.

Peter says he uses Dubber himself to record calls on his work phone.

“I think it’s great. The portal is simple to use. Finding calls is straightforward; you look for the time, date and who picked up the call, then hit play. You can tag it for later or download it.”

Longer term Peter plans to look at integrating Dubber with other systems and at ways of making the information captured in Claims Team calls available to other business units. 

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