Dubber call recording enables MiFID II compliance for South America’s largest petroleum company

Team Dubber

Team Dubber

17 July 2022

Dubber call recording enables MiFID II compliance for South America’s largest petroleum company

Having Dubber available on Cisco Webex Calling meant one of South America’s largest petroleum company could confidently migrate its communications while enhancing its ability to meet the ever growing compliance mandates through unified call recording and conversational intelligence.

One of South America’s largest petroleum company, and a member of the Fortune Global 500 list, needed a compliant and intelligent solution for recording calls and conversations.

Traders working there take important incoming sales calls from buyers and deal with other business partners.

As part of a global business, it is important to stay in regular contact with the business’s headquarters in South America. Availability is vital, a missed call can mean losing valuable business.

They needed unified call recording in order to comply with Europe’s MiFID II directive. The directive requires businesses to keep good records of transactions to show they have acted in the best interests of their clients at all times.

Bernhard van der Linde, the managing director of their local technology partner ADTS, says that when it looked around for the best combination of telephony and unified call recording to meet the company’s compliance needs, it found Dubber and Cisco Webex were the best fit.

The customer consulted ADTS as its trusted technology partner and after due diligence made the decision.

He says Cisco Webex is the best tool for this work. Their employees can make calls on any device; whether phone calls, video conferences or online meetings. Webex Calling gives them the flexibility they need to move around and allows them to stay connected at all times, even when not in the office.

Van der Linde says “Dubber’s strong Webex integration was the key. It could be installed seamlessly without any disruption”.

He says ADTS finds Dubber to be an easy solution to offer customers because it is recognised as the leading brand, ticking all the boxes and very much a safe choice.

This was underlined by the installation process. Van Der Linde said: “it was super simple, our engineers exchanged data, switched on recording and it just works. We gave employees an initial training and showed them the online resources available from Dubber. That was it: job done.”

Per MiFID II, the customer must store all records safely for seven years and be able to find and retrieve individual calls at any time. Van der Linde says Dubber is ideal for this as it offers unlimited usage and storage, and never archives calls so everything is available to be easily searched and played back instantly.

He went on to say, ““We already knew Dubber and were pleased to be able to use them with Cisco Webex. The migration to Webex with Dubber was easy and without disruption, best of all we know our client has access to the best tool we know for managing MiFID II compliance requirements”.

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