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Five ways property managers are ending not knowing
01 July 2021

If conversations are the currency of effective property management, why is their value lost the moment the conversation ends? What if the value of every conversation was multiplied?

Unified call recording is being rapidly adopted by leading property managers to deliver vital insights, boost productivity and address compliance mandates.

“Property managers face a deluge of calls every day – and the majority of them are crucial conversations that need to be documented and acted on”, said Andy Lark, Chief Customer Officer, Dubber. “The challenge is preserving an accurate record of those conversations whether they took place in a call center, mobile or an application like Cisco Webex, Zoom or Microsoft teams”.

Advances in Cloud technology now make that possible.

Any conversation can be captured without the need for hardware or storage and transformed into data. And that data used to automate keyword alerts, customer satisfaction reporting and more.

Navigating the world of hybrid work

Over the past 18 months most property managers are working from everywhere while still managing entire property portfolios often with thousands of residents.

Unified call recording has enabled property managers to have more visibility into their businesses — like transcriptions evidencing contract negotiations and tenant notifications, real-time insight into in-progress workflows, or maintenance requests.

The adoption of these new tools signals a shift in the industry that sets up teams for more flexibility and agility. Simply put, the requirement to be in the know without the benefit of being in the same place can be answered by technology.

And part of that answer is unified call recording.

Today, leading property managers are realizing benefits across five areas:

  1. Dispute resolution

Hitting replay on any conversation – whether audio or a transcription – is the fastest way to verify what was said and resolve disputes quickly. It’s also proof positive the property management team met compliance and legal obligations.

  1. Workflow automation

Rather than depending on manual note taking and notoriously unreliable human recall, every conversation can be easily integrated with CRM systems. Managers then have an accurate view of not just what was said but who it was said to and when. The savings in record keeping alone can exceed five hours per agent per week.

  1. Customer experience

AI-powered insights running in real time across the business present customer satisfaction data without delay. Alerts and notifications surface issues and trends.

  1. Training & coaching

With every conversation available for replay, managers are able to coach and train based on what was actually said. Whether improving sales techniques or ensuring team members are following compliance guidelines, unified call recording provides critical visibility.

  1. Powerful insights

Suppose an unusually high number of your potential vendors were sending their business elsewhere. Perhaps the quality of tenants recently entering your system is not meeting your requirements? Or maybe the property management team has been lodging an outstanding number of complaints on leased properties, leading to a drop in tenant satisfaction, occupancy and overall rent roll.

This could be a sign your property business’s service and products are not meeting standards. Alternatively, it could be an issue with delivery. Either way the gap could be driving buyers, landlords and tenants away from your business, leading to a drop in closures, and agents disillusionment.

Always-on recording with visibility into customer conversations can help to discover negative patterns such as; misleading information, knowledge gaps on neighborhood issues, last minute landlord pull outs or a drop in quality buyers.

Automated conversation keyword search, in conjunction with elegant call recording transcriptions, could uncover sales opportunity blockers and blind spots.

Never leave a conversation behind

Cloud-based call recording is simple and easy to deploy.

Look for solutions that enable you to start with basic call recording for individuals or dive into more comprehensive business solutions with AI-powered insights and beautiful transcriptions.

Ensure the data you are capturing is stored securely and in line with compliance requirements. Look for how your call recording platform can easily be integrated with your CRM tools.

And establish clear policies for crucial conversations – including the services on which they must happen.

With unified call recording capturing every conversation, you’ll quickly be in a position to end not knowing.


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