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soma technology group boosts customer service with Dubber
01 September 2021

Soma improved customer experience using Dubber call recording and voice AI to track conversations across a dispersed workforce.

Here’s the backstory

Australian managed IT services provider soma technology group uses Dubber to record all incoming and outgoing client calls, internal calls and meetings.

The business’s headquarters is on the Gold Coast in Queensland and there are offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, with a large number of staff working remotely.

Soma provides technical phone support to small to medium-sized organisations. It also runs a consulting practice that handles audits, implementations and other IT functions.

COO Aaron Prout says: “As a managed service provider we are a customer service business. It’s important our clients receive the support they need. It’s also very important that everything we do is traceable with checks and balances through all our systems”

Soma’s previous phone and recording solution was difficult to use and therefore staff were avoiding it and using their mobiles instead. And it was impossible to record calls made by the remote workforce. This meant that a large number of customer service calls weren’t being recorded for evidence or monitored for quality assurance.

The Dubber solution

Soma chose Dubber’s call recording and voice AI solution combined with Telstra Calling for Office 365, based on Microsoft Teams, as its voice system. “We wouldn’t have moved to Teams Calling if it wasn’t for Dubber”.

“The Dubber and Microsoft Teams solution is much better than the previous one. Now everyone is using it across the whole company”

Before, when they wanted to review a conversation they would have to go through all the MP3 files and listen to the entire call – and there was no search function.

With Dubber, they can search for calls easily using the google-like search function and  quickly skip through the call to the relevant section. “It’s a lot faster to find what we’re looking for”.

What are the results?

Effective staff training for customer service performance

When soma gets negative customer feedback, either from a survey or through direct communication, managers listen to the conversation. This gives them an opportunity to guide staff on how they can improve.

“Dubber ticks a lot of boxes for us. We use it in a variety of areas. We use it for team education, we can go back and look at some of the calls our staff make. We make sure they’re following our phone support processes, that they are using the right communication style and that they have an understanding of the products they are selling. It’s all about giving good customer service”.

Better customer satisfaction

Soma uses Dubber to improve client satisfaction. If there is any negative feedback in post-customer service call surveys, they can listen to the conversation and quickly identify the issue.

Now with Dubber, the weekly satisfaction survey results never go below 4.5 out of 5 “This is 100 percent because of call recording”.

Dubber also helps fill in the gaps when a client doesn’t complete a survey. Not every unhappy customer provides feedback. soma uses the AI sentiment analysis tool to quickly highlight and identify those customers.

“Dubber’s AI sentiment analysis means we can learn if the clients are getting frustrated and if someone needs to dive in and take a closer look at that. It may be that we need to get in contact with them and have a conversation before the relationship goes south. We didn’t have the ability to do this before Dubber.”

Visibility of remote workers conversations

Staff throughout the country field incoming calls. Now with Dubber, all calls can be recorded regardless of location. This was especially useful during the Covid-19 lockdown when all employees worked from home.

Before Dubber and Telstra Calling for Office 365, this level of universality wasn’t possible. Originally the business was only able to record calls at the head office.

Prout says: “Our systems are set up so the call flows mean any of our guys can work from wherever they are with access to Microsoft Teams and into our systems.

“We use Dubber for the call recording and it captures everything whether people are on a mobile, an office phone or on Teams. We use it for all our support.”

Traceability of crucial conversations

Soma also uses call recording to monitor discussions over new business proposals. It means everything is detailed and captured to prevent any disputes over what was agreed.

“It stops there being any arguments about what we said and it covers us from a legal standpoint as well”.

Thousands of dollars saved

Moving to Dubber and Telstra Calling for Office 365 has meant significant cost savings for soma – about $30,000 per year – by eliminating costly hardware and maintenance costs and reducing expensive license fees.

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