Notice of Annual General Meeting

Team Dubber

Team Dubber

20 October 2022

Notice of Annual General Meeting

Dubber announces the 2022 Notice of Annual General Meeting of Shareholders will be held at 4:00pm (AEDT) on Monday, 21 November 2022. This year's meeting is hybrid and will be held virtually via a web-based portal and physically at Punthill Little Burke Apartment Hotel, Lonsdale Room, 11-17 Cohen Place, Melbourne Vic. 3000.

The Explanatory Statement to the Notice of Meeting provides additional information on matters to be considered at the Meeting.

Shareholders who wish to attend the Meeting virtually must first register their attendance with the Company by no later than 4:00pm (AEDT) on 20 November 2022, the day prior to the day of the Meeting, by email to the Company Secretary, Ian Hobson at

Please include the Shareholder’s name, address and HIN or SRN when registering with the Company Secretary. The Company will then email the details to participate in the virtual Meeting via zoom (a web-based meeting portal) to the Shareholder.

The Notice of Annual General Meeting, Explanatory Statement and Proxy Form should be read in their entirety. If Shareholders are in doubt as to how they should vote, they should seek advice from their independent professional advisers prior to voting.

Should Shareholders wish to discuss any matter please do contact the Company Secretary by telephone on +61 (0)8 9388 8290.

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