Cisco has expanded its Dubber offering!

Dubber now a standard feature on Cisco Webex and UCM-C. No hardware needed. Start compliant recording now!


Record every call on Cisco

No matter where users are working, you can securely and compliantly record calls on Cisco Webex Calling, HCS, UCM, CUCM and WX Carrier.

  • Record 100% of calls - Dubber is unified call recording

  • Dubber is native to Cisco Webex Calling, HCS, UCM, CUCM and WX Carrier so can be up and running in minutes

  • Infinite scalability in the cloud - no hardware required

  • Low monthly subscription

  • AI enriched to meet compliance mandates, improve customer satisfaction and boost performance



Proactive Problem solving for compliance, sales, and services teams


Stay secure and stay compliant

Make sure every call is securely recorded and stored for compliance - no matter the employee location or device used.

Improve Customer Satisfaction & CX

Deep customer insights with real-time sentiment analysis, keyword notifications and customer satisfaction reports.

Boost Productivity & Performance

Use recordings for coaching and training; Automatically create meeting notes; reduce manual data entry with integration of voice data into your CRM.

Fast Dispute Resolution

Ensure 100% of calls are automatically captured and instantly accessible for quick dispute resolution.

The only cloud recording solution fully integrated with Cisco


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Cisco Webex Call Recording

Dubber is included at NO cost with Cisco Webex Calling in the cloud, app, and MPP phones. Automatically record all conversations on Webex Calling (Internal and PSTN).

Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM Call Manager) Call Recording

Dubber integrates with CUCM whether it’s cloud, hybrid or hosted. It means you can record all conversations – anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS) Call Recording

Dubber supports HCS call recording. Dubber’s multi-tenant solutions are designed for carriers and service providers to host multiple customers on a single platform that saves on hardware and maintenance costs.



Start recording your calls on Cisco today!

From compliance to customer experience and productivity, Dubber creates powerful insights, reporting and alerts from every conversation. Want to learn more about Dubber on Cisco?

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Do more with Dubber!

Unified Call Recording and the Voice Intelligence Cloud unlock the revenue and retention potential of every call and conversation in businesses and teams of any size!


Scalable & affordable

Dubber call recording software lives in the Cloud - unlimited scale and storage, no hardware, low monthly subscription

Deploy in a click

Dubber is native to Cisco Webex Calling, HCS, UCM, CUCM and WX Carrier and can be switched on with a click

Record 100% of calls

Built into Cisco so no matter where you are your call will be captured


AI insights

Real-time search, alerts, transcriptions & sentiment analysis to improve customer satisfaction, CX & staff performance

Secure and Compliant

Full data encryption. Compliant with global privacy and data sovereignty standards

App integrations

Open APIs & data exporting: easily integrate voice data with apps such as Salesforce, Tableau, Cognos and more

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