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Secure & simple to provision PCI compliant payments for Amazon Connect


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Protect your customer's crucial payment information in one platform


Dubber PCI Comply enables certified security and PCI-DSS compliant payments via voice calls, chat, and cloud-based communications platforms.


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Zero card data on your network

Dubber’s innovative approach affords you the ultimate form of protection - A secure credit card payment process that prevents all card data from reaching your network and beyond agents' access.

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Workflow integration & automations

Natively integrated with and approved by Amazon Connect. Dubber PCI Comply provides a simple, scalable PCI solution that works for individuals and large enterprise teams while seamlessly connecting into workflows and automation systems.

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Enhance customer experience

Enable your customers the flexibility to simply make payments by speech, webchat, or using DTMF. Enable customers to maintain contact with the agent at all times, allowing for smooth customer interaction.

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Empower customer peace of mind

Customers expect their most value and sensitive card data to be protected. Show your customer that it your priority by prevent card data from entering your environment. PCI Comply removes data from your CRM, agents desktops, call recordings and logs. Enabling SAQ-A compliance with one solution.

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Reduce average handling time

Allow your agents to focus on customer service and sales. Reduce average handling time and improve service experience. While keeping agent training to a minimum and the customer engaged at all times. All of this with no IVR handoff.

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Seamlessly deployed & connected

Driven by our innovative and simple API integration, organisations can seamlessly and immediately deploy PCI Comply across their contact centre. The Dubber platform securely captures card data and connects with your Payment Service Provider to process payment.

How it works

Dubber PCI Comply is available on Amazon Connect today

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The Customer talks to a contact centre agent and wishes to make a payment using a Credit or Debit Card. The agent asks them to type in their payment card details using their telephone keypad. If the customer is unable to use their telephony keypad the solution can capture the payment information by voice while still maintaining PCI compliance.

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At all times the agent stays on the line to continue the conversation and stay in close contact with your customer. As the customer presses the keys, the agent sees asterisks in real time on the user interface.

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The card information itself is captured within the Dubber PCI Comply platform before being passed on to the Payment Service Provider (PSP). The agent is notified if your payment has been approved or rejected. Without any payment card data to protect, your obligations to comply with PCI DSS are dramatically reduced and your current business workflow continues.

Live Agent Payment

Dubber PCI Comply is a quick and cost-effective solution to achieve efficient PCI DSS compliance wherever you are taking payments. Offering an intuitive experience that is highly customer-friendly and easy to adopt for your agents while staying out of the way of your business processes. Dubber PCI Comply is natively integrated with Amazon Connect to prevent card data from ever entering your contact centre environment.

IVR Payment

Dubber PCI Comply works seamlessly with Amazon Connect IVR contact flows enabling simple process automating, including PCI payments. A fully interactive workflow leaves you in control of the customer experience while enabling data security and PCI Compliance.

Chat Payment

Dubber PCI Comply can also make your Chat (or LEX) payments fully compliant using the same simple integration. Dubber Chat payments support both agent assisted and fully automated bot payments.

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Start taking secure payments today!
  • PCI compliance SAQ-A

  • Real-time digit by digit agent feedback

  • Simple to use and easy to train UI

  • Pre-configured PSP integrations. Maintain your current PSP workflows

  • Deep CRM integration ability

  • Telephony and PSP agnostic (keep your current providers)

  • Per-user or per-transaction billing models available

  • Pay your way. IVR payments, agent payments or chat payments

  • Easy, simple and quick to deploy

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Remove compliance complexity and deliver crucial outcomes

Secure agent and IVR phone payments

Integrate with your Amazon Connect instance to prevent card data from entering your contact centre environment. Enable easier achievement and maintenance of cost-effective PCI DSS compliance. What's more, the intuitive user interface is both customer-friendly and easy for agents to use.

Secure payment by chat or link

Dubber PCI Comply can also take payments via assisted or unassisted webchat / SMS. When using the assisted mode, agents will see real-time feedback of customer progress and can help with any problem. In unassisted mode, chatbots can interact with the PCI service; making payments using the same integration keeps your agents free to talk to other customers.

Secure and approved

Compliance can be complex, but in all Dubber solutions, compliance is built in from the ground up. We have multiple certifications which can help you provide evidence that your data is safe, including PCI DSS V3.2, ISO27001 and BS10008.

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Deployed, integrated, trained and live with all 100 agents within two weeks I couldn’t have asked for a smoother ride.

Integration Manager, 
Large Insurance Enterprise

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