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Learn how you can retire targets, earn commission, and create differentiation by selling Dubber, the world’s #1 unified cloud call recording and voice intelligence solution natively built into Telstra & UC platforms.

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Start Selling Dubber Today

Dubber Unified Call Recording and Voice Intelligence for Telstra



Solving your customers' problems

Your customers can now switch on the most affordable and easy cloud call recording and voice intelligence solution for any Telstra endpoint - desktop, mobile, and UC.

Dubber helps businesses gain critical insights from any conversation to improve compliance, customer experience, staff training, dispute resolution, and productivity.


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Get a competitive advantage with Dubber

Dubber is unique in the market today:

  • Connected at the network level to provide superior world-class cloud call recording for any Telstra user.

  • Switch it on for Telstra TIPT, Liberated mobiles, SIP Connect, TCO365, Microsoft Operator Connect, and Cisco Webex

  • Automaticallyrecord every call

  • Low monthly subscription - no hardware or additional costs

  • More compliant and secure

  • Simple and easy to use

  • Infinitely scalable in the cloud

  • Unified all recordings in one place

  • AI driven insights with transcriptions, sentiment analysis, and alerts on every call

  • APIs to Integrate recordings with CRM, Reports and more

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Retire targets and earn commission on every Dubber sale

Selling Dubber is a fast easy way for Telstra sellers to retire sales targets and earn more commission! Plus it can now be added to the Telstra bill to make life easy for your customers.


1. Get trained on how to sell Dubber

  • Request a demo or training session for you & your team today

2. Access Sales Resources

  • Get customer presentations, scripts, case studies, battlecards & more in the Telstra Solutions Catalogue

3. Identify an Opportunity

  • Identify a Dubber opportunity and email telstra.sales@dubber.net with the deal details (eg customer name, product, number of seats)

  • Dubber will deliver a demo to your customer.

4. Ordering, provisioning & billing is easy

  • Dubber will send your customer a Dubber Order Form

  • Telstra and Dubber will then provision the services

  • Telstra will send an invoice to your customer

5. Retire targets and earn commission

  • You’ll earn commission on every sale and retire targets with Dubber. Speak to us today.

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About Dubber

Leading service providers differentiate and grow with Dubber. We enable Unified Conversational Recording and Voice AI at the heart of the world’s leading networks and UC solutions.

Designed specifically for Service Provider networks and integrated seamlessly with your critical infrastructure, including Cisco Broadsoft, Webex, Microsoft Teams, Operator Connect, mobile and more.

For more information on the Dubber solution, how to identify opportunities, provisioning or billing process please contact us today!