Dubber Trust Center

Our globally proven network-grade recording platform captures billions of minutes, content and conversational data across 170+ Communication & Service Provider networks. We are committed to customer data protection at the highest level.


Infrastructure, security and compliance that Communication Service Providers and Enterprises globally trust.

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We design and build our products with security in mind. The protection of our customer’s data and their customer’s data is our highest priority. This includes AES-256 encryption at rest, the choice of three highly resilient connectivity options, and data sovereignty. 

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Our products are designed for infinite scalability, with redundancy and load balancing, high availability and disaster recovery, plus business continuity plans. 

icon | Compliance at every level

We design our products to enable our customers to meet their compliance and regulatory requirements. This includes enabling them to meet compliances to PCI DSS, GDPR, HIPAA, ISO 27001, MIFID II and more.

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We take the privacy of your data - as well as your customers - very seriously. Discover our privacy policy and more resources about privacy.

Certifications, Standards, and Regulations

We obtain globally-recognised certifications and comply with the highest standards and regulations to ensure your company and customer data remain secure and compliant.

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All your questions answered

Need to know if we comply to a particular regulation? Which AWS infrastructure we use? Ask here.

Want to learn how our platform is performing in real-time?

We log all activity within our platform and perform deep visibility audit trails and log aggregation for real-time updates of platform status. We have a backup and archiving process that we test regularly.


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