Cisco Webex® calling

Cisco Webex® calling is a fully hosted UC solution that sits completely in the cloud: enabling you to make and receive calls on your desktop and mobile devices, wherever you are.

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Enhance Webex® Calling with Dubber call recording

Dubber is the call recording and voice AI platform for Cisco Webex® Calling that offers an enhanced end-user experience for your employees and customers alike. Dubber call recording is a cloud-based subscription service for Webex® Calling users, providing always on or on-demand call audio capture. The optional Dubber AI feature provides a transcript with sentiment analysis of the recording. The service is available globally with unrestricted scalability and storage.

Providing a solution anywhere and on any device by integrating an innovative and reliable cloud call recording, security, and solution delivery.

All user communications can be recorded even while they are mobile, from individuals to various teams in departments or even your entire business.

No CAPEX. Reduce the cost and complexity of expensive on-premise equipment, providing a more agile and intuitive way of working.

There is no need for maintenance or upgrades, and Dubber’s cloud storage means recordings are always available, and are also stored in multiple locations for redundancy.

Available as a true native cloud product on a subscription-based model offering security, unlimited scalability and rapid deployment.

Highly secure to help enterprises comply with regulations such as MiFID II, GDPR, HIPAA, Dodd Frank and PCI DSS.

Dubber Call Recording Graphic: View our white paper

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Webex® calling and Dubber call recording brings together a solution that captures conversations that can help identify opportunities for business development. This eBook provides an insight into Webex® Calling and Dubber call recording, highlighting ways in which it can enhance user experience with Dubber AI.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the common questions we get asked about our product - if you have any other questions, please be sure to contact us and chat with our team.

Yes, calling traffic is encrypted end-to-end. Recordings are stored within a dedicated encrypted Dubber recording store. Access to the recordings is available through the Dubber portal or through the Dubber API, both of which require user authentication. Once accessed, all recordings within Dubber are streamed through HTTPS sessions ensuring end-to-end security between Dubber and the end user. Specific Government and Finance grade security is also available.

Dubber’s system architecture has been designed specifically to support both scale and redundancy. Utilizing cloud infrastructure, Dubber has been designed to leverage the inherent technologies within cloud to provide an unlimited scalable, multi-redundant and highly resilient solution.

Customers can:

  • Transform their businesses by migrating to cloud communication and collaboration solutions.
  • Reduce technology cost and complexity, and provide a more agile and intuitive way to work.
  • Partner with the most innovative and trusted brands in cloud collaboration, security, and cloud solution.
  • Integrate with Cisco Webex® Meetings and Teams to provide an exceptional cognitive collaboration experience.
  • Improve global and multisite customer care, as well as remote and mobile worker connectivity.

The partner will initiate their first order in CCW which will kick off an automated process to enable the partner in all necessary systems to sell, support and maintain the Cisco Webex® Calling solution.

An email message is sent to the VAR partner notifying them that their customer is ready to be provisioned, with a link to begin the process. The partner administrator walks through the First-Time Setup Wizard in Webex Control Hub to do initial customer provisioning for the Cloud Calling and call recording, if ordered as part of the bundle.

As an administrator, you may want to record the calls made and received by certain users for a variety of reasons, such as quality assurance, security, or training. To get started, click here