About us

Dubber’s native cloud platform has revolutionised traditional call recording, abolishing
previous limitations and opening up a myriad of applications and benefits.


Dubber was found by James Slaney, Steve McGovern and Adrian Di Pietrantonio in Melbourne, Australia, in a search for a scalable and robust call recording system.

How does Dubber’s billing work?


After years of private investment, Dubber first went live in 2014, and soon received recognition from global phone carriers and service providers.


In early 2015 Dubber became BroadSoft accredited as a BroadWorks interoperability partner and was selected as a complimentary solution for advanced call recording.

Dubber BroadSoft Accreditation


In March of 2015, Dubber became listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) under the code DUB. 

Dubber ASX


January 2016 saw the international expansion of the Dubber corporation, with the opening of new offices in London, England as a new European HQ.

Dubber London Office

Dubber is a transformative technology in a multi-billion dollar hardware centric marketplace, that instead operates from a native cloud platform. Dubber provides a call recording, management and access service with advanced functionality. Its global reach allows recordings to be captured, managed and instantly accessed from anywhere in the world. Dubber’s innovation has allowed our call recording solution to surpass the limitations of legacy recording systems, thereby enhancing the benefits and simplifying the process of call recording for our users.

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