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A Structured Approach

We research technologies that transform conversations from unstructured media into structured data and insights. This involves speech and language processing, computer vision, and applied machine learning.

These technologies are deployed through the Dubber AI Platform, a flexible toolkit powering type: entry-hyperlink id: 7CUpgmFR8UNKW0XsDdcJgR that address practical business needs.

Applying Machine Learning to Transform Conversations from unstructured media into insights.


Research Areas



Capture more for less

Finding the needle in the haystack

Identify key events and the moments that matter within each call.

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Cut to the chase

Summarising and extracting the essence of each conversation, saving you time to get the context you need.

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Seeing the big picture

Insights and trends across a volume of captured calls.


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Responsible AI

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Intentional Design

AI systems are designed and deployed in a way that respects social conventions and laws. We are proactive in identifying and taking steps to avoid misuse, with a commitment to ethical design.

Privacy Preserving

AI systems are secure and respect privacy, giving opportunity for notice and consent, encourage architectures with privacy safeguards, and provide appropriate transparency and control over the use of data.

Overcoming Bias

All AI systems should empower and engage people equally. Our systems are designed to reduce societal inequity and we acknowledge that AI systems can reinforce existing society stereotypes and actively take steps to address known biases.


Our AI systems are accountable to people. We are responsible for how our systems and technology impact the world, while taking our principles into account in everything we do.

We're building a world class team.

We’re a team of talented people that care about each other and believe deeply in what we do. We’re diverse, hard working, passionate and very human. We’re reimagining the potential of every conversation by unlocking the potential of AI on every communications device and application.

You’ll be part of a company that is driven by passion, vision and long-term thinking. And, you’ll get to make a difference.

​​We share a mission at Dubber to unlock the insights and intelligence in every conversation on every communications service in the world.

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