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Dubber offers a range of call recording packages to suit the needs of businesses of all sizes. All packages offer the same high quality call recording: built in the cloud for rapid deployment, scalable storage, and sophisticated security.

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Benefits of Dubber call recording

The Dubber platform is a highly secure and scalable call recording solution. Built in the cloud, the platform has specifically designed architecture to optimize storage, flexibility, and security. Offering storage options tailored to the needs of an organization with unlimited storage, real-life use cases are possible, unlike with plans that limit storage to only a few months. With no on-premise equipment required, Dubber’s call recording can not only be deployed rapidly, but can also be deployed without the need for CapEx.

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Advantages of cloud storage

The Dubber platform integrates at a network level with no need to install hardware. Our cloud storage offers a level of security that cannot be matched by on-premise solutions, as calls saved to local storage are more vulnerable to theft, damage, or tampering. The cloud provides unlimited storage, eliminating the cost, stress and risks that increasing capacity on-premise can create. Compliance is also easier in the cloud, with levels of security across geographic regions that can be difficult for a single organization to achieve.

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Dubber Call Recording Graphic: Advantages of cloud storage
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Call recording for compliance

Meet a whole range of compliance requirements, including MiFID II, FCA, Dodd-Frank, SEC, GDPR, PCI DSS and more with secure and scalable call recording. With the option of perpetual storage, long-term storage requirements for compliance with certain regulations can be met with ease.

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“Dubber has allowed us to take our training to new heights. Highly recommend!”

Drew LeHew, call center manager Dorsey & Dorsey Inc.

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