Turbocharge your Microsoft Teams deals with Dubber

Team Dubber

Team Dubber

1 June 2021

Turbocharge your Microsoft Teams deals with Dubber
About This Webinar

Looking for new revenue streams and differentiation in every deal?

Attend our webinar for Microsoft Partners and we’ll show you how Dubber can help get you there.

The exponential growth of Microsoft Teams has led to a significant demand for a unified compliance call recording solution that enables customers to meet compliance mandates and gain visibility of customer conversations happening on Teams.

Microsoft partners have the opportunity to differentiate themselves and address customer requirements with Dubber.

  • How unified call recording can create a pathway to other revenue streams such as professional services for dashboards, integration of voice data into other applications and increasing Azure consumption

  • The 5 key questions you need to ask every Microsoft Teams customer to quickly identify unified call recording opportunities

  • What makes Dubber’s Unified Call Recording and Voice AI unique

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