What partners should expect

Adrian Di Pietrantonio

Adrian Di Pietrantonio

17 May 2021

What partners should expect

Today we announced over 12 new solutions giving our partners more ability than ever before to differentiate, drive revenue and engage customers.

With Dubber’s unique reach and Unified Call Recording (UCR), specifically for compliance, companies can capture recordings immediately in one location from all their voice, video and text services, including the 140+ Service Provider networks connected to the Dubber platform globally. This reach and the new solutions for compliance, make Dubber the world leading recording option for compliance, revenue and customer intelligence.

We’ll be working closely with our global service and solution providers to enable Dubber You, Dubber Teams and Dubber Premier on their networks and services. From today they are available on MS Teams, Cisco, Zoom and other major UC solutions. And, our new Compliance Solutions are available today on all platforms.

A New Source of Advantage

Unified Call Recording (UCR) breaks the constraints of legacy call recording. We designed Dubber’s new UCR solutions to reflect the way customers use conversational data - whether recordings, beautiful transcriptions or sentiment analytics.

And, they enable customers to store and process any recording - from any endpoint or voice recording solution - in the Dubber Voice Intelligence Cloud.

Channel partners will be able to design fit-for-purpose solutions that answer the needs of the smallest and largest businesses.

For a small business that might mean Dubber You capturing calls for rapid dispute resolution and automagically enriching customer records in Salesforce with the conversation.

A call centre will use Dubber Teams to capture all calls across the primary SIP connection and Cisco Webex, unifying records in the Dubber Voice Intelligence Cloud and using the data to fuel insights in dashboards.

Compliance teams can now access purpose-built solutions. They can mine compliant data sets for audits, investigations and discovery. Keyword and sentiment reporting will move them from a reactive to a proactive footing.

What’s next?

Over the coming weeks, we will be hosting a series of webinars to take you through the new solutions and what they mean for you.

In the meantime, our industry-leading products - CallDub and DubAI are still available. But expect the new solutions to appear quickly in major networks and UC solutions.

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