How Zoe notifications can improve customer service

Author: Dubber Marketing Team
Published on June 13, 2019

Zoe is Dubber’s voice AI technology, which transcribes everyday phone calls: unlocking previously untapped insights to aid in improving business efficiency and customer experience, and reducing churn.

What if you knew when your most important customer had called your business, and wasn’t happy? With Zoe, you can receive notifications for calls from specified numbers that have a negative sentiment score. These notifications give you the insights required to understand what caused the negative sentiment and so you are able to take a proactive approach and call them straight back. This personal attention can win back their trust, and their business.

Zoe transforms voice data from calls recorded by Dubber into text and uses the data to analyse the call content. Calls are rated as positive, neutral, or negative, based on Zoe’s analysis. This rating can then be used to trigger custom alerts to managers or supervisors, such as calls with negative sentiment. These alerts can allow businesses to improve customer loyalty and churn figures.

Custom alerts are just one application of the latest version of our Zoe voice AI technology. Sentiment has the potential to transform customer service. Zoe makes it quick and easy to review important conversations and ensure the success of a customer service team.

Accurately pinpoint key information

In the Dubber portal, a full breakdown of the Sentiment rating can be accessed, alongside a transcription of what was said. Sentiment scores are assigned to individual sections of a call, based on the words spoken, and the pattern of speech. These scores are used to create an overall rating for a call. This allows supervisors to identify exactly what went wrong with a negative call, or in what way an agent provided excellent customer service to make a customer happy.

AI for every phone

Zoe is the perfect tool for companies of all sizes, providing a way for time-poor business owners and managers to stay on top of their business communications without having to replay all of their recorded calls. More and more organisations are recording their conversations, as call recording is increasingly available on affordable OpEx subscriptions. Zoe lets companies utilise the data from these calls to their full potential, instantly.

Good customer service can be key to differentiating a brand from the competition. The value of being able to retain important customers makes Zoe a vital investment for any business.

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