How Voice AI Can Help Contact Centre Agents

Team Dubber

Team Dubber

24 September 2018

How Voice AI Can Help Contact Centre Agents

Contact centres would be nothing without their agents. As the first point of contact for customers, contact centre agents are the face, or voice, of the company. Organisations with contact centres need to ensure they nurture their agents and provide them with the tools they need to give the best customer care.


With contact centres such an important part of a business, it is important that organisations do what they can to improve employee morale. They must also make sure agents are not held back by technological limitations. When developing our call recording services we had contact centres in mind. We made sure that our Always On call recording and Zoe voice AI could help solve some common issues.

Improve the performance of contact centre agents with morale-boosting AI

In a contact centre, workers cannot just pick up their tasks when they return to work after an absence. Customers will continue to contact the organisation no matter how understaffed the contact centre may be, and it’s up to the remaining agents to manage the workload. At peak hours, this can be stressful for agents who are forced to handle more calls than usual.

When building our call recording solution, we wanted to find ways for organisations to learn more about their customer interactions and the way their business works. We know that an agent’s morale can decrease when understaffing creates a bigger workload for them. This is why we wanted to create technology that can help organisations to reward contact centre agents who outperform at their job. The sentiment analysis of Zoe, our voice AI service, uses speech characteristics to identify the mood of a caller throughout a conversation. Zoe then assigns the call with a positive or negative score. Agents who consistently achieve positive scores can be rewarded for their hard work, and feel like their success can finally be measured and recognised.

Increase the efficiency of your contact centre agents with automated workflows

Contact centre agents often have to use a variety of different software during their working day. This may include CRM databases and workforce management tools. With these different applications, agents may have to familiarise themselves with numerous different interfaces; jumping from one window to another to perform different tasks.

At Dubber, we didn’t want to add yet another interface to deal with. That’s why we made sure that, via our open API, an organisation can integrate our service with other applications. Our API allows developers to integrate Dubber’s functionality into existing systems. This allows the call data and recordings we collect to be used in other applications. It also allows other applications to use our technology, such as our AI or search functionality, to automate processes. For example, a manager could receive a Slack notification after a certain word is spoken during a call.

With the contact centre representing an organisation at key moments on a customer’s journey — enquiring, placing orders, making complaints — it is important to look after your contact centre agents and get the most out of your data. Contact a member of the Dubber team to see how you can provide the best solution for your contact centre.

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