Call recording is dead, long live call recording

Team Dubber

Team Dubber

1 November 2021

Call recording is dead, long live call recording

Expensive, outdated legacy call recording’s days are numbered. And, as a communications providing service, you can capitalise on a new market that’s emerged from an overhaul in antiquated infrastructure.

Up until now, organisations have required significant investment into managed, onsite call recording equipment. 

The costs multiply due to dedicated storage and processing hardware, complex high maintenance software, and ongoing service and support. And this service only captures just one line or endpoint - with multiple lines or endpoints needing recording, the process (and costs) starts again.

Unified Call Recording in the Cloud

"Unified call recording solutions offer service providers one area where they can really add value. By uniting voice data from an organisation’s potentially disparate systems, a service provider can ensure that an end customer organisation can leverage maximum value from its data and drive enhancements and optimisation." - Cavell Group

Unified Call Recording in the Cloud replaces legacy call recording with simple to manage, easy to deploy, cloud-based and on-network infrastructure.

UCR is native to the network and requires zero hardware, complex software or heavy ongoing service and support costs. It’s a modern solution for a modern business communications landscape; across mobile, unified communications platforms, chat, and video - and it satisfies legislative compliance and data security requirements.

UCR is the key to unlocking new revenue and retention opportunities in call recording - and product offering differentiation - and enables you to create and add value to every conversation on your network.

Costs tend towards spare change

Now, the cost of voice-supplementary services is tending towards spare change.

In legacy call recording models, the costs associated with extra data services were also prohibitive; including services like manual transcription, sentiment analysis, fraud detection, and other auditing capabilities. 

Only the largest enterprises were able to invest to leverage the true power of customer voice data. Now, with cloud-based services that leverage AI radically reducing direct and indirect management and configuration costs, everyone can enjoy call recording, automatic transcription, and conversational data intelligence. Every conversation can be captured and transformed with AI.

Service providers to embrace new services

Service providers who embrace cloud-based UCR voice-supplementary services can now offer these benefits to businesses across all sizes and verticals. 

Service providers who adopt intelligent data visibility and usage platforms can increase their revenue and margin generation while increasing their customer’s dependency on their services. With a need to differentiate in a competitive market, it’s by productising and partnering in new connectivity data and content verticals that service providers will set themselves apart.


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Source: Cavell Group


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