How to Reach the Small Business Market

Team Dubber

Team Dubber

4 September 2018

How to Reach the Small Business Market

Technology has the power to make a small business big. Unfortunately, 30% of small business owners find it hard to adapt to new technology, according to a survey undertaken by AT&T.


Common obstacles for small business

Early adoption of technology can be make or break for a small business, but they need help and support in order to take steps towards digital transformation. Many small business owners feel that they are not in a financial position to adopt new technology. With the introduction of SaaS products, smaller businesses now have access to advanced technology for an affordable monthly subscription.

Of course, money is not the only resource that is scarce within the world of small business. Time is another valuable asset that companies of this size are often lacking. New technology must save time for an organisation and not require lengthy installation processes that disrupt current workflow.

Call recording and voice AI as a service

Dubber have democratised call recording and voice AI. We have made this technology available to businesses who previously were discouraged from adopting such services, due to the prohibitive cost of legacy solutions. We’ve also transformed the onboarding process: cutting the time and costs required to deploy our cloud call recording. We even created Dubber Connect to make provisioning customers even easier and reduce the disruption that can be caused by implementing new solutions.

With our limitless storage, there are no hidden costs. Customers can choose the storage plan most suited to their needs. If it turns out they want to increase their minutes allowance or storage length they can change to a different subscription at any time. This flexibility gives small businesses the reassurance that they aren’t committed to a solution that may in the future become too expensive.

Showing the value in voice to small business

Small businesses need to be shown that call recording is no longer solely for compliance. It's not just for huge enterprises with vast contact centres. SMBs can benefit from capturing their communications too. To illustrate the ways in which businesses of all sizes can benefit from call recording, use cases are a great way to convince customers. Taking the time to enlighten your user base can result in an expanded market and increased revenue.

Digital transformation is something that many organisations are undertaking. With many aspects of business moving to the cloud, small companies shouldn’t be left behind.

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