How service providers are increasing revenue, retention & market differentiation

Team Dubber

Team Dubber

2 November 2021

How service providers are increasing revenue, retention & market differentiation

Nearly every Service Provider strategy starts with one or all three. 

Service Providers are under pressure. In an environment where sources of value are ever-decreasing and product offering differentiators are slim, increasing revenues is a challenge. 2021, McKinsey suggests, was a ​​critical year for operators: a unique opportunity to fundamentally reimagine their business or, alternatively, risk another decade of decline.

Reimagining the business of operating communications services starts with moving beyond just creating connections to realizing value from the content flowing on the network. Central to achieving this outcome is Unified Conversational Recording (UCR) - through which every conversation is captured for replay, converted to data, and enriched with AI for insights and intelligence.

Demand for conversational recording is unprecedented with Gartner indicating that by 2025, 75% of conversations at work will be recorded and analyzed, enabling the discovery of added organizational value or risk. This is a substantial market opportunity for service providers who already provide the network infrastructure for these conversations.

Embedding conversational recording and intelligence that adds value to existing customers at minimal cost and low configuration complexity is the ideal way to target this trend.

A Unified Conversational Recording solution drives revenue for service providers- 

  • A typical network legacy call recording solution represents a significant cost - in the millions of dollars to provision, manage and provide ongoing services. A UCR solution is a fraction of this cost, providing immediate yield. Cloud-native call recording services are up to 10X more cost-effective on a per user per month basis. UCR lives in the network and is delivered just as any service would be by the service provider.

  • By switching a UCR solution on for every end-point, service providers create an immediately addressable market to sell richer solutions addressing continually rising customer needs.

  • UCR solutions allow service providers to enjoy the benefits of SaaS ARR, with pricing models built in line with modern subscription market trends.

What is UCR in a S&SP Network?

UCR is:

  • Native to the service provider network: to remove legacy recording costs, and allowing UCR to be delivered as a service

  • Cloud-first: for simple deployment, management and provisioning

  • On every endpoint: creating immediate differentiation and an addressable market for fully featured solutions

  • SaaS ARR: creating a new recurring revenue stream

  • True AI: for the ability to unlock conversational insights and solutions revenue

Foundation Partners Benefit More

The Dubber Foundation Partner program was designed to provide service providers with deep marketing, sales and success support - accelerating the conversion of basic Dubber call recording services to richer solutions.

  • 100% attach at day one drives differentiation and immediate access to upsell opportunity

  • Dubber assisted upsell to SaaS plans – increasing ARPU, in many cases doubling the ARR per customer

  • Add & unify other services – further increasing ARPU through cross-sell and access to other communications services used by the customer

  • Unlock the potential of conversational data to increase revenue and retention

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