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The one thing every Cisco partner & rep should do now

Author: Dubber Marketing Team
Published on July 14, 2021

Turn-on Dubber Go on Cisco

If you are selling Webex Calling or UCM-Cloud, you need to turn on Dubber Go today. Personal and confidential call recording is now included as a free feature and ready to use. And, for existing customers, the same is true. 

It’s simple and easy to activate:

  1. Step One: Switch on call recording in your Customer Organization Control Hub (You can specify which users to enable call recording for during Step-Three)
  2. Step Two: Submit an activation request here or contact your Dubber sales representative.
    1. Note: You’ll need to have your customer details ready to activate these include:
      1. Names and email addresses of users
      2. Group ID, Service Providers ID and the external identifier for each user
      3. The region the Cisco service is provisioned
  3. Step Three: A Dubber customer success representation will contact you for confirmation of details, and we’ll do the rest

Dubber is the preferred and only embedded compliant Call Recording solution for Cisco.

So, what’s Dubber Go? Dubber Go is a private and confidential cloud call recording solution, enabling customers to compliantly record, store, share and replay any conversation on Cisco Webex Calling and UCM Cloud. 

This critical new functionality turns on with a click at zero cost and is included in every Cisco Webex Calling and UCM Cloud subscription.

Activate Dubber Go and 2x your pipeline

For Cisco partners, enabling eligible customers to instantly provision private and confidential cloud recording through the Cisco Control Hub gives every Cisco partner an instantaneous point of differentiation. It also answers customer needs for an out-of-the-box secure and compliant cloud call recording solution. 

Most importantly, Partners will benefit from an active pipeline of revenue opportunities. This pipeline represents clear upgrade pathways for advanced recording teams, adding rich Voice-AI functionality – and – addressing compliance mandates with a suite of compelling add-on solutions. 

We’re already seeing strong customer demand and momentum building. Dubber is proactively co-selling and nurturing onboarding, support and upgrade sales conversations. Cisco partners benefit from co-sell opportunities with annualized recurring revenue streams.

Turning pipeline into revenue & retention

With Dubber, your customers solve business-critical outcomes through world-leading capabilities such as team management, auto-language detection, unlimited storage, transcription, sentiment analysis, AI-enriched insights (and much more). 

Partners can effectively build on this recurring revenue foundation by offering high-value professional service engagements encouraging customers to get the most from their voice and voice-AI data. Examples include tailored reporting, bespoke projects and app integrations, all clearing the way for more revenue, better retention and improved differentiation.

Chat with us about doing more with every conversation 

Reach out to chat to a Dubber on Cisco specialist ready to get your customer, team or organization set up today. 

Make sure to register to become a Dubber on Cisco partner today and get access to partner incentives, market development funds and much more.

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