The secret to success could be hiding in your phone calls

Team Dubber 2

Team Dubber 2

18 March 2020

The secret to success could be hiding in your phone calls

How often do businesses ask their customers what they want? The people who use products and services are a valuable source of information for product development or business direction. Many businesses spend thousands of dollars on external market research, but what if companies already had these customer insights? Customers call a business for two main reasons: when they want answers, and when they are unhappy. These are rich sources of insights for companies looking for ways to improve their business. If organisations were to turn to their customer calls, they might uncover the secrets to success.

Increasing self-service

Customer phone calls are a great place to start when trying to understand what people want or need from a business. Aggregating the key themes from this call data allows businesses to cater to these needs through other communication channels. Data analysis of customer calls can identify common questions that can be answered on the company website or even programmed into chatbots, leaving more resources to deal with more complex queries. With huge amounts of voice data captured within phone calls, there is a rich mine of untapped insights that can inform FAQ pages and anticipate common queries through statistical analysis such as topic modelling.

Preventing complaints

Another area holding great potential for business improvement is customer complaint calls. If businesses understand why customers are calling they can prevent those issues. With Dubber AI, calls are rated by sentiment — giving a positive, negative, or neutral score for each section of the conversation and the entire call. Businesses can isolate negative calls to better understand the concerns or issues that customers may have with their products, services, or experience. Common problems can be identified and prioritised for improvement, preventing future complaints, leading to happier customers and reducing churn.

Dubber AI and Automated Alerts

Not only does Dubber AI help businesses learn from the historical data held within their calls and allow them to identify trends and common issues, with new automated alerts, designated users can receive custom notifications about their calls. Alerts can be created to notify users when calls with a certain sentiment rating have been made, allowing businesses to know as soon as a customer has had a bad experience so they can follow up immediately. Keyword alerts can also be customised to notify users when a specific word or phrase has been spoken on a call. Potential churn candidates can be identified when a competitor name is mentioned, and alerts can also be set up for specific callers so that VIP customers trigger a notification.

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