Unlocking Insights from Customer Conversations

Dubber AI helps businesses access the previously untapped insights held in voice calls. Understand how your customers are feeling, their challenges and feed this data directly into other applications such as CRM systems to improve overall customer experience and reduce churn.

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Dubber Call Recording Graphic: Improve customer experience

Improve customer experience

Dubber AI transcribes content to facilitate easy key word search as you would an email. At the end of each call, a sentiment rating of positive, neutral or negative is given based on the language used during the call. Custom alerts can then be used to notify individuals if a particular call has been rated with negative sentiment allowing businesses to improve customer experience.

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Instantly Searchable Keywords

Transcription not only provides a documented record of the call, but also allows users to search for words spoken within the call. Clicking on the word within the transcript will take users directly to the part of the call the word was spoken in. Keywords can help identify customer pain points or reasons for repeat calls, informing product development and opportunities to help consumers self-serve.

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Dubber Call Recording Graphic: Instantly Searchable Keywords
Dubber Call Recording Graphic: Options to suit businesses of all sizes

Options to suit businesses of all sizes

With a SaaS model based on a monthly subscription, the Dubber solution has revolutionized voice AI: bringing it to every phone. Previously only affordable for large corporates and call centers, call recording and voice AI capabilities are now in reach of any business regardless of size. Voice AI can be added to your monthly subscription with no upfront costs or minimums.

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"Dubber has been fantastic! Easy to use and reliable. I highly recommend you try it. It is worth every penny!!!"

Marilee Dose, founder and CEO Dose Moving and Storage

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