Dubber to Provide Audio Recording Capabilities for BroadSoft’s BroadCloud Service

On Monday 30th May 2016 we proudly announced that Dubber has been selected by BroadSoft as their chosen partner for Audio Call Recording to be provided as part of their managed services, BroadCloud, for Japanese telecommunications carries.

BroadCloud is a fully managed service that delivers BroadSoft’s extensive range of Unified Communications services. This includes managing end-to-end customer sales and service implementation processes.

This managed services offering has been available through a series of telecommunication and carrier partners in US , however BroadCloud rapidly expanding this offering into new demographics, such as France and Japan. This news has been eagerly awaited and we’ve seen some innovative service providers such as NIFTY Japan, take it onboard immediately.

Now as Dubber is chosen to be part of the BroadSoft’s managed service offering in Japan, we can start to see a series of market leading and innovative servicer providers taking on and expanding’s Dubber’s Audio Call Recording platform, to enable a secure, easy to manage and on-demand scalable solution to their end users.

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