Recording and Playback

Meeting Recorder

Have you ever been so busy taking notes that you’ve missed what was said next? With Meeting Recorder you can give meeting participants your full attention, knowing you can replay the meeting at any time. With no need to take minutes, meetings can flow uninterrupted. Additionally, with Dubber AI, a full transcription of the meeting can be obtained and circulated as a follow-up to the meeting: ensuring nobody misses an important detail. 

Transcripts can prompt action points and make collaboration more efficient. Dubber AI also analyzes the sentiment of meeting participants and breaks every recording into sections assigned with a positive, neutral or negative rating. Alerts can be created to notify users of meetings that have been rated as having negative sentiment, and team managers can be alerted to meetings carried out by their direct reports to ensure that they are adhering to policies. Fine out more about our Meeting Recorder.

Features overview

To view Dubber's entire call recording feature suite, visit our Feature Page.

Salesforce Integration

Salesforce is one of the world’s most popular CRM applications. Our open API allows for integration into these applications to surface data to suit your business needs.

Custom Integrations

Through custom integrations learn how Dubber encourages businesses and value-adding partners to get creative with tailored software packages.


Providing maximum functionality with sophisticated security systems, leveraging cutting edge cloud technologies.


The Dubber API enables simple and seamless integration and our Developer Portal provides plenty of useful documentation to get the most from the platform.

Call recording Reporting and Playback Feature: Dubber App

Dubber App

With the latest version of the Dubber mobile app, you can play back your calls and meetings: anytime, anywhere, from any phone.

Call recording Reporting and Playback Feature: Highest quality

Highest quality

Dubber is integrated at a network level with service providers meaning calls are recorded at the highest possible quality.

Call recording Reporting and Playback Feature: Scalability


Dubber’s cloud-based multi-region design offers scalability not available with traditional call recording solutions.

Call recording Reporting and Playback Feature: Accessibility


Dubber’s focus is on unlocking the insights possible from call recording for all levels of businesses.

Call Recording Reporting and Analytics Feature: Automated Alerts

Automated Alerts

Custom alerts notify users of recordings that have been analysed to have an overall negative sentiment.

Call Recording Reporting and Analytics Feature: Emotional insight

Emotional insight

Dubber AI provides emotional insight into conversations that sentiment is unable to detect.

Call Recording Reporting and Analytics Feature: Searchability


To locate recordings or to identify trends, recordings can be found by using a suite of search methods.

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