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Discover hidden revenue in customer conversations
28 October 2021

Are you really listening to your customers? Because if you aren’t capturing and unifying the conversations you have with them, meaningful insights are lost.

Sales are a multi-touchpoint experience – voice, video and chat – even more so in this new world. So, how do sales managers uncover hidden revenue?

With total visibility across multiple communication points, a centralised platform, and a little help from AI.

Traditional solutions where the recording is attached to an app or a single connection point limits visibility, introduces complexity and increases cost – inevitably you end up paying for multiple conversational recording solutions.

According to Gartner’s top strategic IT predictions for 2021 and beyond, by 2025 75% of conversations at work will be recorded and analysed. Many of our clients are in tune with these predictions.

Get acquainted with Dubber’s Six ways to improve your sales with Voice Intelligence for a more in-depth look at how you and your team can establish a whole system of continual sales revenue. Dubber’s UCR and AI conversational intelligence supports compliance regulations whilst assisting businesses in enhancing their sales revenue by unlocking insights in calls, video and messages.


Tone and sentiment analysis for opportunities and performance

Having the tone and sentiment analysed from your customers is fundamental in distinguishing who is:

  • A prospective customer
  • A customer that could be upsold
  • An undecided customer
  • Not interested

Identifying positive or negative interactions or prospective customers from the sentiment analysis lets you customise your sales pitch to meet specific needs to boost sales.

Tone analysis is a distinct advantage to your sales growth. It helps sales reps execute a consistent and compliant delivery – boosting satisfaction and customer experience, which increases the chances of consumers making another purchase by 89% *.


Forecast and generate more reports

Dubber’s contact centre intelligence looks at all the call activities with powerful analytics- ensuring sales managers can see key metrics at a glance. The dashboard provides a high-level snapshot of call metrics and data analytic solutions for managers to monitor agent performance. These insights include:

  • Automate the agent QA process through score sheets
  • Train sales and customer teams to implement better solutions
  • Set-up out-of-the-box or custom reports (schedulable)
  • Access an in-depth activity log for all user initiated activities

Dubber’s reporting tools help improve workplace performance and proactively manage risks – enabling sales managers to learn which products need more consideration or which employees might need additional support on meeting sales targets. Attending this detail allows managers to predict forecasts and achieve better solutions based on analytical insights.


Leverage transcripts for retargeting and retention

With live transcripts from customer conversations, you can keep track of customers’ requests, interests, and expectations. Dubber’s beautiful and insightful transcriptions provide a powerful source of information that can enlighten a staff member or manager on a missed sales opportunity.

For example– a manager reads the transcript of a conversation to a customer. By identifying communication gaps, the manager can recognise the customer is left unsatisfied. Then, using notes from the transcript, they can reach out to the customer and suggest a more suitable alternative, capturing the sale after all. Critically they have an accurate record of the nuances of the conversation to coach and train. Hearsay gets replaced with “knowsay”.

A record of notes and highlights from past conversations helps managers:

  • Retarget prospective customers
  • Action insights from conversations
  • Decrease revenue leakage with immutable proof
  • Navigate a system of churn reduction
  • Improve training and coaching


Improve order and service accuracy

With real-time transcripts, managers can be confident that information and customer instructions are captured accurately. Dubber’s search filter enables mishaps and miscommunication to come to light.

Disputes are likely to arise based on mistaken orders or inaccurate quotes- stay ahead of this by searching keywords, customers, or employees to find a resolution based on facts from the conversation- not hearsay.

Sales managers use this function to find revenue leakage by examining conversations and seeking ways to improve the sale. Based on these key findings, managers can implement a strategy that outlines procedures to strictly use or to avoid – saving time and retention.


Measure performance on specific keywords or phrases

Managers can set certain spoken words to trigger a notification alerting them of said words within a sales conversation. For example, these words, phrases or trends may be: “New”, “Expire”, “Plan”, “Renew” or “Cheapest.”

These words indicate a particular end of the subscription period, like a plan. So here is an opportunity that managers seek out as it gives them the chance to upsell, cross-sell, or put them on a new plan that’s promoted to reach the sales target. This also allows sales managers to foresee trends occurring and optimise the collected data to engage in a higher sales success rate.


Contribute key findings to marketing

By using Conversational Intelligence, sales managers can determine any gaps in the market and then transfer that data and insight to the marketing teams.

The symbiotic relationship between sales and marketing creates a vital role — they can influence or help shape how the product is understood:

  • Positioned in the market (in relation to competitors)
  • Identify who are the most common consumers
  • If a product/service is resonating with the target market

These insights can help the marketing team build a more in-depth buyer persona and give future marketing strategies a more direct and consequential message.

Discovering hidden revenue opportunities from recorded conversations authorises sales managers to turn key findings into actions, successfully increasing revenue. Dubber’s features enable sales managers to drive actionable insights from the business’s two most important resources: employees and customers.


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