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Get the sales edge
14 October 2020

With a dispersed workforce, collaboration can feel difficult to achieve. Remote workers can often feel separated from their colleagues and their visibility of business operations can feel restricted. In departments that have a lot of direct contact with customers, this can cause customer interactions to feel disjointed.

Collaboration is critical to sales

According to Salesforce’s State of Sales report, 77% of sales teams rate collaboration across departments as critical or very important to the sales process. Customers increasingly expect salespeople to be informed about any previous interactions with a business, even if this was with a different department. Having complete visibility of a customer’s journey with the company is invaluable when trying to understand their needs and how they can be met.

An interconnected way of working with colleagues and other departments within a business can lead to the discovery of new opportunities. It is becoming increasingly common for sales and customer service teams to securely share information with each other to work more effectively. When customer interactions are correctly documented within a CRM such as Salesforce, everyone with access to a customer account can assess how well that account is performing, and understand the status of the relationship with that customer.

End not knowing with a record of customer interactions

Of course, documenting customer interactions takes time and effort. What if you had a solution that captured every single customer call, even when they were handled by a remote worker on their mobile device, or over an IP connection? And, even better, those calls were fully transcribed by speech-to-text AI for an accurate record of exactly what was said?

Where traditional call recording solutions rely on expensive on-premise storage, and only capture a small fraction of calls made across a business. Unified Call Recording captures voice conversations directly from the service provider network, and from communication solutions such as Microsoft Teams. With work no longer confined to an office or contact centre, companies who are looking for complete visibility across their business are looking for agile communication solutions that match our new dispersed way of working.

Keeping customer data secure

It is important that collaboration does not compromise on data security. While sharing detailed records of customer conversations can benefit sales and customer service teams, it is vital that customer information is not shared with more parties than necessary. Businesses should look for a solution that allows for secure sharing of data. Audio files should not be downloaded, as this could open up risks for the data being shared with multiple parties. Instead, sharing should be undertaken with expiring links that only allow access for that user, with a restricted time period and a cap on the number of playbacks.

Organisations should also check that any solution allows for the creation of teams with specific access permissions. Depending on the requirements of the team, recordings may only be accessed by supervisors with administrator controls, or may be shared with other team members for greater visibility over customer interactions.

Case study: APAC-Central

APAC-Central, Inc. supplies materials, paving and construction services across Northwest Arkansas, the Arkansas River Valley, Oklahoma and Southwestern Missouri. We spoke to their IT systems analyst Dustin Bowden about how Dubber has facilitated collaboration across the business.

Dubber: What was the challenge that brought you to choosing Dubber?

Dustin Bowden: We wanted a call recording solution that was compatible with our new phone system to ensure our customers are billed correctly.

D: How did Dubber help you solve this problem?

DB: The Dubber solution gives us the ability to error check ourselves after taking an order. If a dispatcher gets a call and then can’t remember a detail when inputting the order, they can just check the recording rather than calling the customer back. The team like that they have the ability to share recordings as well as being able to set up teams. This means they can reference each other’s recordings when talking to a customer who has previously spoken to a different representative.

D: What was the process of going live with Dubber like?

DB: I have received great customer service. Paul has been very helpful with everything we needed to get up and going. The Dubber system is easy to use and our users like it better than what we used on our old phone system. It fits seamlessly with our phone systems: it just works, and works well.


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