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How Dubber is unlocking the potential of voice data
12 October 2020

Adrian Di Pietrantonio is the co-founder and EVP, global channels at Dubber. At the recent Cavell Cloud Comms Summit, Adrian spoke about Dubber’s vision of becoming the global leader in unified call recording and voice data as a service. Here he gives us an overview of Dubber’s mission and how we are answering business problems with our Unified Call Recording and voice AI cloud platform.

We started with a simple question – why is the value of every conversation lost the moment the call ends?

How many times do you have a call, meeting, or presentation, only to lose the value of the conversation instantly? Details are forgotten, there’s no agreement on the key points that were made, no evidence of agreements, and the conversation can’t be easily recorded for compliance, training and more.

How often do you wonder what sales, customer support or team members are saying to customers? Why can’t you get real-time visibility of customer satisfaction?

It became clear that service providers were making connections – but not realising the full potential of those connections.

Voice data – held within every call – was clearly one of the great untapped sources of value for any service provider due to the ability to address three critical business pain points:

  • improving customer satisfaction
  • improving business performance
  • meeting compliance mandates

The need for a new approach

As we looked at existing approaches it was clear they were built for the pre-cloud era and restricted the ability of service providers to participate in the voice data race. We saw a multitude of challenges:

  • High-cost, inflexible infrastructure limited call recording to a small set of customers
  • The cost of applications and infrastructure frequently meant less than 1% of voice calls were captured
  • Call capture was confined to a single line or device – most frequently in the call centre – not reflecting how workers operate across devices and networks
  • Solutions required significant investment with no way to economically add end-points or start with a flexible, scalable plan that reflected real-life use cases
  • AI and the cloud were limited in their use. Data was trapped in the vendor application – limiting the ability to integrate with applications and Big Data

The Dubber answer

We created Dubber to unlock the potential of voice data for service providers, with the ability to capture every call on the network and infinitely scale.

Our innovative new model records directly from the service provider network and can be provisioned as a feature by the service provider. Offering affordable plans that are charged per user per month. Our solution captures conversations across SIP connections, mobile networks, Broadsoft, Cisco, Microsoft Teams and more: all with single-click provisioning. We call this new approach Unified Call Recording because all recordings are unified in one place – reflecting how businesses work today – via the Dubber app or web portal.

In order to answer data compliance mandates, such as GDPR, we needed a unified storage solution. So we created the Voice Intelligence Cloud. This needed to be, well, intelligent. Capturing calls and transcribing them is a commodity service today. We wanted our AI to bring value by delivering alerts, full and accurate transcriptions, customer sentiment analysis, and much much more.

Finally, we wanted the data captured from voice calls to be available for enterprises to connect to their systems of record. Through the Dubber API, we enable simple and easy connections to Big Data sets, applications like Salesforce, and dashboards in Google Data Studio, Tableau and other business intelligence tools.

Real world applications of Dubber

The Dubber solution is deployed across over 200 Service Provider networks globally today. Our Foundation Partners work with us to unlock significant revenue, retention, and differentiation by offering voice data as a service for diverse use cases:

The independent auto parts trader

Unified Call Recording enables the business to create a record of every call, and attach it to orders as evidence of the customer request. This solves two problems – giving distributors clarity on what was being asked for and providing the company with evidence of the order. They see customer satisfaction data in real-time and can view the performance of every customer contact.

The mid-sized betting company

Dubber provides chain-of-custody over customer orders and requests – eliminating costly dispute resolution processes on bets placed. Voice data also indicates trends based on sentiment, keywords, and operator – allowing business decisions to be driven by insights.

The large financial institution

Unified Call Recording is the only way for large banks to meet the compliance mandates set out for lenders. Real-time recording retrieval replaced slow and time-consuming SQL searches on legacy call recording – which often showed that the call wasn’t ever recorded. The Dubber solution ensures call recording across any device in any location and automatically sends custom notifications for specific keywords and call sentiment scores.

The question for service providers is: if data is the new oil – and voice data is its richest form – are you ready to create value from it?


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