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It’s Launch Day at Dubber!
17 May 2021

12 new ways to drive compliance, customer and revenue intelligence

Quick read:

  • We’re announcing today 12 new solutions for call recording and using voice intelligence to power compliance, revenue and customer insights.
  • Three new core solutions are built to reflect the way you’ll use the conversations collected
  • All enable any recording from any eligible endpoint – from Cisco Webex to Mobile and more – to be compliantly stored in one place, the Dubber Voice Intelligence Cloud
  • Simple to provision add-ons enable you to do more with every recording – like automagically adding conversations and transcriptions to Salesforce or business intelligence tools

We’ve been busy behind the scenes developing a new generation of Dubber solutions based on customer and partner input.

What we heard was – “give us all the great Dubber functionality and ease of use in a way that reflects how we need to work with conversations and voice data”.

That lead us to three clear scenarios.

First, some businesses only need individuals reviewing recordings and data – and some want to link that to Salesforce. It’s simple – one workspace for each person, viewing their recordings and sharing as needed.

Second, others want recordings enforced and managed by team leaders – with some wanting to connect voice data to their business intelligence platforms. Here, you have one workspace for all recordings with team members able to see recordings and data based on permissions granted.

Third, others wanted all the Dubber functionality with rich AI-powered insights, sentiment analysis, and more. Many teams, all managed in one workspace with instant customer and employee sentiment and real-time search.

And all three wanted simple to provision, add-on functionality for everything from data storage to APIs and connectors to popular apps.

So, we’ve done just that.

The answer is Unified Call Recording

Today we’re launching 12 new products and solutions, more than tripling our industry-leading voice intelligence offerings for service and solution providers, business and government.

The new solutions are available today directly from Dubber on eligible networks and solutions. Over the coming months, we anticipate they’ll be available across our more than 140 active service and solution providers services globally.

Dubber’s existing solutions, CallDub and DubAI will continue to be offered across all current networks.

Unified Call Recording is critical to achieving the compliance, revenue, and customer insights demanded by business and government today. More than 80% of crucial conversations with customers and employees take place using voice. Not having access to accurate, compliant records in real-time puts leaders at a serious disadvantage. Dubber addresses that by unlocking the insights in every conversation.

“Dubber continues to transform the economics of call recording and voice data,” said Matthew Townend, Executive Director, Cavell – a leading industry analyst firm. “The benefits of voice intelligence as a service are clear – both to the service providers that will build differentiation through offering it and to businesses and governments that will deploy it to address critical business needs.”

Three New Cornerstone Solutions

At the heart of today’s announcement are three new cornerstone solutions. They give business and government flexible, affordable options so that users or teams can capture and use voice intelligence – from recordings to transcriptions to sentiment analysis.

  • Dubber You delivers Unified Call Recording where individuals need to record, store and review crucial conversations. Dubber You automates the recording of calls, meetings and video without the need for hardware or software and comes with unlimited lifetime storage. Plans start at $14.95 per month per recording endpoint.
  • Dubber Teams is ideal for managers and leaders needing central review and control over 100% accurate and enforced recordings and data for sales, service, and customer people insights. Plans start at $19.95 per month per recording endpoint.
  • Dubber Premier unlocks all Dubber functionality delivering AI-enriched insights. Beautiful transcriptions, alerts and notifications and the ability to easily integrate Dubber with business intelligence and CRM applications. Plans start at $49.95 per month per recording endpoint.

All Dubber solutions include critical features such as unlimited storage; easy-to-use application for iOS, Android and Web; concierge set-up and training; data download and export and 24×7 online global support.

Turbocharge Dubber

Users can easily expand any package with a simple to deploy add-on including:

  • UCR Service Add-on Pack – Easily add services with a click – review and manage recordings, transcriptions and data in one place. So, if you are on MS Teams and you also want to add recordings from Cisco Webex, that’s easy.
  • Dubber API – Easily connect Dubber recordings and data to applications, storage and dashboards.
  • Dubber Call Recording Archive – Redundant and secure storage of all call recordings and data with Dubber Storage. Back up your valuable voice data in the Dubber Voice Intelligence Cloud, including recordings and data from other sources.
  • Dubber for Salesforce – Add your Dubber recordings, metadata, transcriptions and sentiment insights to Salesforce records.

A few of the things you’ll be able to do

Dubber solutions support continuous compliance and voice intelligence with critical features including:

  • Collect and integrate recordings and data in the manner required to meet compliance obligations appropriate to regional regulations
  • Real-time search of interactions based on communication-related metadata or conversational content. Common examples include:
  • Analyze and interact with collected communications, including the ability to monitor interactions as they are being collected.
  • Ensure security of collected communications and prevent tampering at all stages
  • Retention policies support retain and delete actions; and, legal hold and discovery on historical and real-time data
  • Metadata – Participants, time, direction, dialled number, origin number, custom business data
  • Content – Transcription, sentiment, phonetics, related interactions

We also announced today a full suite of solutions designed specifically for the exciting needs of compliance, legal, security, risk and audit teams.

With Dubber’s unique reach and Unified Call Recording (UCR), specifically for compliance, companies can capture recordings immediately in one location from all their voice, video and text services, including the 140+ Service Provider networks connected to the Dubber platform globally. This reach and the new solutions for compliance, make Dubber the world-leading recording option for compliance.

We’re just getting started!

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