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Meet Our New CTO: Steve Willson
04 October 2021

There’s a new Chief Technology Officer at Dubber! Introducing Steve Willson.

Fresh from his time as CTO of Great Southern Bank, Australia’s largest customer-owned bank, Steve Willson has joined Dubber to guide our industry-leading technology and key technical relationships.

With a long list of executive tech roles at some of Australia’s largest financial institutions, plus time in London fintechs, Willson strengthens Dubber’s position as a key player in conversational intelligence for every government and business.


The value in Dubber

Willson speaks about why he chose Dubber as his next move.

“I was attracted to the massive potential of Dubber’s technology to create value for clients globally. Recording is really just the tip of the iceberg; the greater opportunity is to leverage the data to help clients improve their businesses and customer experience.”

“As I see it, there are four key value levers businesses need to focus on moving forward from a technology perspective, and that Dubber already does across voice conversations: 

  • Radical improvements in productivity eliminating what I call busy work, which is preventing employees/business owners/agents from focusing on value-creating activities.
  • Greater control, visibility and transparency – whether that be capturing knowledge, decisions or evidencing compliance.
  • Differentiated products and experiences for your customers.
  • Unification of conversational data so that it can be leveraged to provide insights and inform decisions”


The impact of Covid on technology as an accelerant

While Covid has caused significant hurdles for business and government worldwide, it has also rapidly accelerated digital transformation.

“At a macro level, I think that COVID has accelerated digital disruption rather than changed it, it has necessitated increased take-up of digital products and services and customers’ expectations of digital experiences are higher than ever. 

Similarly, employees now expect (and need) advanced technology that makes it easy to work from anywhere.”

“This has created a push to many large (and usually slow) organisations to do things differently, such as responding to technical challenges in days, not weeks or months. It has also provided the means for businesses to break through cultural barriers that have prevented greater take up of these technologies in the past.”

“In the new normal – if we can call it that – ‘work’ is being done anywhere. This makes sharing, collaboration, productivity and clarity of conversations more than ever, with an office-home-remote hybrid work model likely for most businesses.”

“Dubber is – I think – a critical technology in underpinning our new way of working.”


End not knowing

“AI, NLP, machine learning and a raft of technologies are central to ending not knowing in every business and government. As data grows exponentially it’s not plausible or possible for humans to see the signals in the noise. Applying AI to unified data sets is going to be a crucial building block for the success of any enterprise activity – whether it’s knowing your customers and employees, complying, or improving the accuracy of supply chains.”

“The way Dubber is doing this is impressive, from disrupting the high-cost, siloed world or legacy call recording to harnessing its own AI advances alongside those of leaders like IBM, Amazon and others.”

“I’m passionate about the tech sector and have supported many fintech partnerships in my enterprise executive roles, so I’m excited about the opportunity to play a more active role in the Aussie and global tech community with Dubber. Joining what is the clear leader not just here, but also globally, is incredibly exciting.”

We’re excited to have Steve onboard.


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