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Microsoft Teams users improve compliance and unlock critical business insights with innovative Dubber and NTSCOM solutions
16 February 2023

Together, Dubber & NTSCOM are helping Microsoft Teams users meet compliance requirements, elevate customer experience, automate workflows, and increase productivity across a wide array of business verticals. Customers have immediate and seamless access to Dubber’s compliant and secure conversation capture and insights solution through NTSCOM via iPILOT.

Businesses in regulated industries can now create a compliant, easily accessible recording of every conversation in one place – critical for meeting regulatory compliance mandates. With the recent trend towards hybrid and remote working, the explosion in the usage of communications platforms like Microsoft Teams has never been more important.

However, there is an opportunity for businesses to do more with their conversation data beyond compliance. Dubber and NTSCOM are enabling businesses to improve business outcomes.

Here are a few sector-specific examples:


The healthcare landscape is constantly changing, so Dubber and NTSCOM have partnered to deliver  flexible solutions for customers in this sector. Organizations can now keep up pace with changing compliance requirements, but also use information-rich conversation data to improve the quality of healthcare provided and staff productivity.

In October of 2022, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) strategic vision of expanding access to affordable health care and improving health equity was advanced when, under the Affordable Healthcare Act, new compliance and recording rules went into play. During the enrollment period, Medicare & Medicaid Services will require all supplemental insurance sellers to record and retain all marketing and sales conversations for 10 years. See CMS Recording Mandate.

The use of telemedicine has increased significantly over the past few years as well, and voice intelligence plays an increasingly essential role in accelerating better-automated customer experience with telemedicine – both for providers and patients.  With Dubber, customers can:

  • Improve patient outcomes and resolve disputes through the elimination of manual note-taking with automated transcriptions
  • Meet regulatory and legal requirements (CMS Mandate)
  • Seamlessly monitor and supervise to maintain conduct standards, safeguard electronically protected health information, and avoid any data breaches (ePHI)


While local, state, and Federal education policies may differ, the need for unified call recording has never been so crucial in education.  The pandemic provided the opportunity for a surge in online instruction: whether asynchronous, synchronous, or hybrid, many institutions are continuing to offer multiple ways to complete coursework. There is now an increased need for accessibility, accountability, and capturing lectures, group work, and other in-class activities. All this is essential to improve online learning standards for stakeholders at all levels: teachers, students, parents, administration and government agencies.

Institutions at all levels heavily use video conferencing and collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams to engage students and improve performance.  Integrating Dubber’s suite of voice recording tools allows customers to:

  • Uncover student insights and provide a record of student contacts and conversations
  • Capture learning on every platform without the cost and limits of application-specific and legacy platforms
  • Meet compliance mandates for education at all levels


Governments, too, are increasing their use of innovative technology.  This provides huge benefits to oversight, employees, and the public.

Technology with value-added services such as Dubber increases organizational efficiencies, minimizes spending across all departments and simplifies the processes that inherently bog down public service. Dubber allows federal, state, and local governments to:

  • Quickly, accurately and easily fulfill compliance and public information requests.
  • Obtain high-quality training and recording insights that can be used to improve coaching, as well as employee onboarding and upskilling
  • Improve data collection for feedback to other governmental agencies or departments
  • Enhance public safety with the capture and storage of critical communications
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