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Purpose-Built to Comply. Purpose-Built for Compliance.
17 May 2021

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  • Three new compliance solutions designed to economically enable conversation recording across many end-points — giving compliance teams the tools they need to manage, store, review and monitor conversations.
  • Turn on end-points across multiple services and solutions – aggregate data in one place – the Dubber Voice Intelligence Cloud
  • AI does the heavy compliance work, generating insights, alerts and powering workflows
  • Dubber compliance solutions being implemented today by leading Financial Services institutions globally

Compliance, risk, audit and leaders in regulated industries need a better answer to global mandates to know the customer and record conversations. We know because they told us as we were working on the new core Dubber solutions.

We were told about an industry where customers were charged for recording on any and every endpoint bundled with a range of features for every user – when only a few needed access to those features.

Regulated industry leaders told us they need a more economical and secure way to capture every conversation. The data has to be stored with certainty. And they need better access to data and insights.

It would be a small number of personnel accessing the data and that data had to be protected.

We heard about a need to break voice data silos. In the past compliance professionals had to jump between recordings captured in the call centre to recordings for, say, Zoom in a compliance app.

Every data silo introduces cost, complexity and compliance risk. These are three things Dubber set out to eliminate.

Compliant, Unified Call Recording

So, we set about creating the first unified call recording and voice intelligence solution purpose-built for compliance teams.

Compliance drives significant demand for capturing conversational content. It covers messaging, chat and video. And that content can come from any application or end-point. Delivering an immutable record of every crucial conversation is essential. It’s also what regulators around the world now demand.

With COVID, the pressure to capture conversations across a multitude of endpoints – from Cisco WebEx to Microsoft Teams and Zoom – has accelerated. Unified Call Recording makes what used to be a complex task easy.

Today we’re unveiling three new cornerstone compliance solutions that mean business and government can select flexible and affordable plans that best reflect their needs and compliance practices.

Changing the Economics of Conversational Compliance

Dubber Compliance offerings capture voice data economically, at scale. They recognise a smaller number of people who need to access the data and the need to isolate that data from other voice data sets.

Dubber allows data integration and portability so any data from any source can be unified on Dubber and connected to other compliance data sets, applications and business intelligence tools.

  • Dubber UCR Compliance Edition for compliance leaders with a need to manage, monitor, store and review conversations. Dubber captures and stores recordings and data from multiple sources in real-time. Once there it can be searched, and reviewed, still in real-time, without the need for complex queries. Starting at $14.95 per month per end-point and up to ten compliance users.
  • Dubber Premier Compliance Edition enables a compliance team of up to ten (with additional licenses available) to benefit from AI-enriched insights, alerts, search and sentiment analysis. Additional features include beautiful and insightful transcriptions; legal hold and discovery; and, smart keyword, team and customer search. Starting at $29.95 per month per end-point and up to ten compliance users.
  • Dubber Voice Intelligence Cloud Compliance Edition is ideal for compliance teams who only seek to record calls with confidence, then storing and unifying data in a single easily accessible source of truth. All the features of Dubber Premier Compliance Edition. Plans start at $1,599.99 for250 endpoints and one user access – with additional plans for more end-points and users.

All Dubber solutions include critical features such as unlimited storage; access to the easy to use Dubber application for IOS, Android and Web; concierge set-up and training; data download and export 24×7 online global support — and, seamless, high-quality media capture across devices and all supported endpoints for audio, video, screen share, and chat.

Policy-Based Unified Call Recording

Critically, Dubber Compliance Solutions answer the need for policy-based recording.

Dubber makes it easy for organizations to set compliance and administrative policies such as when calls and online meetings should be automatically recorded and captured for subsequent processing and retention as required by relevant corporate or regulatory policy.

Public data from key regulators including the FCA in the United Kingdom and the CFTC and SEC in the United States show that fines levied for communication compliance monitoring topped $150,000,000 in 2019. Regulatory focus continues to increase: FINRA highlighted digital communications, including collaboration platforms, as a priority for its 2020 broker-dealer examinations.

Regulations and regulators requiring an accurate record of conversations to satisfy know-your-customer, data protection and privacy mandates include MiFID II, Frank Dodd, ASIC, APRA, PCI, SOX, FCA, FINRA and Reserve Banks globally.

More Flexible, More Available

Our new solutions make Unified Call Recording more flexible and available to businesses and teams of any size. We founded Dubber to eliminate the cost and complexity of capturing any conversation. For too many, the value of that conversation is lost the moment it ends. We’re making it simpler and easier than ever to end not knowing and comply.

Dubber makes key compliance activities simple and easy by automating key tasks:

  • Collect and integrate recordings and data in the manner required to meet compliance obligations in appropriate regional boundaries.
  • Real-time search for interactions based on communication-related metadata or interaction content. Common examples include:
  • Analyze and interact with collected communications, including the ability to monitor interactions as they are being collected.
  • Ensure security of collected communications and prevent tampering at all stages
  • Retention policies support retain and delete actions; and, legal hold and discovery on historical and real-time data
  • Metadata – Participants, time, direction, dialled number, origin number, Custom business data
  • Content – Transcription, sentiment, phonetics, related interactions

As with all the solutions we’re announcing today, we’re just getting started.

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