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Setting standards for security
17 June 2019

Dubber are committed to providing the highest levels of security for our native cloud platform, as well as offering unlimited scalability, and rapid deployment to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients with no CapEx. Read on to find out the ways in which we maintain our high standards of security.

Cloud security

We chose to build our products and services in the cloud, specifically to leverage the levels of security that are only made possible through the cloud. Security is maintained at every stage of the call capture and data processing journey, with AES-256 encryption protecting recordings and multiple data storage sites mitigating any disaster recovery concerns.

Safe and secure sharing

The security of our platform is just one aspect that we considered when creating our solution. We also wanted to ensure that data was protected while still maintaining accessibility for businesses and individuals. Unlocking the valuable data stored in phone calls is one of the main reasons that customers choose Dubber solutions, but it is important to make sure that the owners of this data are protected. We created teams and permissions settings that restrict access to recordings, and a unique sharing function that does not share files with third parties but instead emails a non-downloadable link that expires for added security.

Local storage myths busted

Unfortunately, security is often a concern that prevents businesses from moving to the cloud. In reality, moving storage off-premise means organisations immediately mitigate the risk of having vulnerable data on-site. With data centres all over the world, we can offer a variety of options for organisations who require specific storage locations for their data. These storage centres also offer data sovereignty, so data is only stored in one geographic location. Within each location, data is written to multiple data centres for geographic redundancy: preventing data loss in the event that a data centre is compromised. These data centres guarantee availability of every single recorded call at any time, allowing quick and easy access to data for every customer.

Dubber’s cloud storage employs the latest in encryption technology to offer the highest protection, which is managed by a team of experts at a level that legacy solutions cannot compete with. Any data stored within Dubber is only stored by us, and not owned by us. Data rights are retained by the owners of the data, Dubber merely offer solutions that capture, process, and store data.

We are ISO certified

Dubber is ISO 27001 compliant. ISO 27001 is the globally recognised and respected standard for information security management systems (ISMS). In order to gain certification, an organisation must develop and implement a rigorous security management programme: including an ISMS. Organisations must systematically evaluate information security risks, taking the impact of security threats and vulnerabilities into consideration. Any security risks must be addressed with a comprehensive suite of information security controls. An audit and compliance management process must be implemented to ensure ongoing protection.

This achievement is an assurance that Dubber’s data security processes are effective at every level of our organisation. The Dubber core principle is one of agile and continuous improvement and this extends to our data security commitment.

Download our ISO certificate here.

How we protect data

  • Establishing, maintaining, monitoring, reviewing, auditing and continually improving our ISMS
  • Establishing, reviewing and communicating our information security objectives and performance measures
  • Committing to satisfy business, legal, and regulatory and contractual security obligations
  • Committing to continual improvement of our ISMS by seeking feedback from clients, staff, and through internal and external audits
  • Ensuring that the ISMS is communicated with every member of the Dubber team

Have any questions about our security? Drop us a line.

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