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Unlock Sales Productivity
28 October 2020

How would your sales performance improve if you gave every salesperson back five, ten or more hours every week?

One of the first places to start is reducing admin, manual and inaccurate record keeping, and searching for what was said. While effectively documenting sales activities can be vital to ensuring customer needs are addressed and performance is monitored and improved it doesn’t need to be done by hand.

End not knowing

What if you knew what was actually said? In customer-facing roles, such as those in sales or customer service departments, time can often be wasted trying to ascertain or prove what was said during a previous conversation. In order to end not knowing, sales teams need a call recording solution that captures 100% of calls for evidence of conversations. And that’s just the beginning. If a solution has added voice AI that can transcribe speech to text, a full transcript can accompany a recording for an accurate record of exactly what was said.

Things get even more interesting when you introduce an open API to the picture. This allows developers to facilitate integrations with existing business tools and applications, including CRM systems. Call recordings and their transcripts can be stored within a customer account for detailed and accurate records of every interaction the business has had with a contact.

Discover instantly

Rather than scouring manual notes or looking at inaccurate records in Salesforce, what if every conversation was captured as it was said? Sales teams would no longer waste time doing detective work to confirm agreements or resolve disputes – their time can now be spent generating revenue for the business. With absolute proof of what was said, sales reps can refer to a recording or transcript without delay. With a user-friendly interface, or integration with a CRM application, salespeople could even refer to a previous conversation with a customer while they are talking to them on the phone.

Coach and train based on real customer conversations

Recording sales conversations creates a bank of real-life examples of customer calls, which makes ideal training material for new employees. With the addition of sentiment analysis, calls rated with positive or negative scores can be easily identified to show successful customer interactions, and the kind of negative calls they might encounter.

Case study: DeSpir Logistics

DeSpir Logistics combines the best practices of logistics and technology to pioneer a new method of secure transportation logistics. We spoke to Sierra Villarreal, who covers security and compliance, to hear more about how Dubber saves the company time.

Dubber: What was the challenge that brought you to choosing Dubber?

Sierra Villarreal: We wanted a record of our calls in order to have a record of what was agreed upon during conversations with customers.

D: How did Dubber help you solve this problem?

SV: Dubber provided a great, affordable solution that meant we had a record of every agreement made over the phone. We can get to the facts on the first phone call; instead of wasting many hours following up on phone calls and emails trying to prove something was said on a phone call.

We also use calls to help with training new and existing employees on certain situations, calls, questions, etc. Most of all, we SAVE time!! We are no longer paying employees to spend hours investigating claims a customer made on a phone that wasn’t recorded. We can now use that time on sales. The company is saving money due to investigation hours reducing because of Dubber!!!

D: What was the process of going live with Dubber like?

SV: The Dubber portal is extremely user friendly. The easy to use solution makes it easy to retrieve a call in seconds, even while on a call with a customer, meaning we can reference a conversation to confirm details of agreements and resolve any disputes with customers with absolute proof of exactly what was said.

If you’d like to learn more about how businesses save time with Dubber, speak to a member of the team today.

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