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Dubber’s deep integration with IBM, allows both organisations to seamlessly deliver solutions to our customers.


Seamless Integration

Through our engagement with IBM, Dubber customers can take advantage of IBM’s three major global products and services easily and affordably.

IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Crypto Services

IBM Cloud™ Hyper Protect Crypto Services is a key management and cloud hardware security module (HSM) designed to help businesses and government organisations take control of their cloud data encryption keys and HSMs. It is the only service in the industry built on FIPS 140-2 Level 4-certified hardware: The highest certification available for commercial cryptographic devices.

Our integration of IBM Cloud™ Hyper Protect Crypto Services allows Dubber users to manage access controls relating to their call data, thereby ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, no matter where the business is located.

This service includes lifecycle management for keys, encryption for IBM cloud services and dedicated HSMs that are only accessible by authorised users at the organisation, not even IBM or Dubber.

IBM Cloud Object Storage (ICOS)

IBM Cloud Object Storage supports exponential data growth and cloud-native workloads with built-in high-speed file transfer capabilities, cross-region offerings and integrated services. It offers a scalable, secure destination to back up your critical data. ICOS reduces the cost of backups while still retaining immediate access.

With ICOS and Dubber, organisations can reduce storage costs from having their own server, data centre and energy expenses. They can also reduce downtime by streamlining storage and cutting down touchpoints for IT, as well as improving performance and strengthening their development team with object-based storage environments.

IBM Watson

Dubber customers can use IBM's Watson Artificial Intelligence with Dubber’s cloud-based call recording solution, providing enterprise businesses and government bodies with clear, cloud-based call recordings and corresponding transcriptions. Search for keywords, set alerts and analyse sentiment with exceptional AI technology applied to each call.


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IBM Watson products
  1. IBM Watson Tone Analyzer: The IBM Watson® Tone Analyzer can detect emotional and language tones in written text at both the document and sentence levels. Businesses can use the service to learn the tone of their customers' communications and to respond to each customer appropriately, or to understand and improve their customer conversations.

  2. IBM Watson Natural Language Understanding: IBM Watson® Natural Language Understanding uses deep learning to derive meaning from unstructured text data transcribed from call recordings. Turn conversations into content using text analytics. With this tool on Dubber, you can easily identify categories, classification, entities, keywords, sentiment, emotion, relations, and syntax.  

    Set up notifications and easily search for keywords or seven key emotions to analyse how your team is performing. This data is highly effective for training and coaching purposes, as well as ongoing customer service and real-time market sentiment. You can even use this service for industry-specific language to further enhance performance.

  3. IBM Watson Speech to Text: IBM Watson® Speech to Text technology delivers fast and accurate speech transcription in multiple languages. This type of transcription is commonly used for customer self-service, agent assistance and speech analytics and can be fully customised. 

Turning conversations into insights
with IBM Watson

Discover how conversational insights from Dubber + IBM Watson enable proactive compliance, decrease risk, deliver enriched customer experiences and drive employee performance.

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Bringing AI into the Discussion

Watch this case study video, featuring Dubber’s Co-Founder and CEO, Steve McGovern, explaining how Dubber’s technology improves customer service at one of Australia’s big four banks.

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Bringing AI Into the Discussion. Read this article about how Dubber uses IBM’s Watson AI to deliver efficiencies.


Bringing AI into the Discussion: Watch this case study video, featuring Dubber’s Co-Founder and CEO, Steve McGovern, explaining how Dubber’s technology improves customer service at one of Australia’s big four banks.

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